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Alidropship Custom Store Review 2019: Is it worth to Buy or Not?


Alidropship Custom Store review: Is it worth to buy or not?

Alidropship custom store is a drop shipping turnkey store. They are a company or team behind the development of the popular plugin Alidropship.

If you don’t want to buy a custom store because of some of the work you can do. You can buy some extra services from the alidropship. With these services, you can save both money and time.

Alidropship WordPress plugin helps us to automate drop shipping from aliexpress. We can use this plugin alone to convert a WordPress blog into a complete e-commerce store or with woo commerce as an add-on.

Alidropshiop custom store Review is it worth to buy or not, a complete alidropship review.

What is Alidropship’s Custom store?

If you want to start a dropshipping store, and have no idea where to start, how to research product, how to design store, etc. Then alidropship will help you to develop your store from scratch to ready to earn.

Many newcomers have questions about is it worth to buy alidropship custom store or not. Can we make the profit through Alidropship custom store? Let’s answer all the problem.

1. Can we make a profit through Alidropship Custom store?

My answer is Yes as well as a big NO. Why? To make a profit from a dropshipping e-commerce store is entirely depends upon your advertising skills. Yes! They will develop a store, in which you do not need further development. But how to drive the customer to your store is entirely depends upon you.

If that is the case then, why should you buy the Alidropship custom store?

If you want to save time in developing store, researching a profitable and low competition product. Cleary, it will save your time and effort to make a commerce store as they provide to you. If you are going to develop store yourself, it may take 2-3 month to complete that store and more time for producing advertisement media, etc.

So, to save time buy this store. Only focus on the advertisement, or spend that time to pick any advertisement course.

The below are some of the reasons why you should buy Alidropship Custom store


In the 21st century, time is everything. Everyone is in the race of making more profit.

In dropshipping, if we waste our precious time on the thing that we don’t know, that would be a big mistake for us.

Let’s, an experienced developer, develop a store for us. We should spend that time to improve our skills more, that we have naturally. Like, develop more marketing skills, because these will help us in our entire e-commerce journey, we can hire web-designer, or developer anytime. If you are going to find a marketer in drop shipping, then we will lose money. So develop marketing skills and let professional to create a store for you.


You don’t know the ABC of the designing or web-development, no problem. The professional will develop the high conversion-ready e-commerce store for you.

You don’t know how to research a profitable product; then they will do the same for you. They will find the number’s of useful product for you.

No need to find a freelancer for different tasks

If you are going to see a freelancer to do these tasks for you. Then you have to find 3-4 freelancer’s to do different jobs for you. This freelancer will cost you around $1500-2500.

You can do the same within your budget, and use that budget on the advertisement and make some profit.


You can spend that much money to develop 3-4 more dropshipping store, means more profit.

The Alidropship have teams of professionals in different sectors; we need in developing a drop shipping Store.

They have a team of professionals in market research. They will research a profitable product for you; you will not need to worry about that product is useful or not.

They have professional graphic designers. These people will develop, beautiful graphics for your store and design some display advertisement for you too.

Get the Store which can convert a visit into a sale

We may develop our store without any other’s help. But everyone one thought in our mind, that is this store will convert a customer to the sale.

I read many questions like “10000 Visitor on my store but no conversion”, “is everything ok with store design.”

The main reason behind no conversion from the visitor the o customer is Store design. We frequently not follow the best guidelines of the entire e-commerce store.

You don’t have to worry about the above said questions if you are purchasing the alidropship custom store. They will design the store for you which will highly convert any visitor into the customer.

Ready to generate Revenue

They usually design your store ready to make revenue within 15-20 days.

When they transfer store to you, then you are only one step ahead of making, money that is an advertisement. The store will contain everything, like payment gateway, products, Facebook page, Instagram page, Youtube Profile, etc.

100% store ownership

That means you can customize your store according to your need. In Shopify, there is some limitation of using a third-party plugin, payment gateway and many other as well.

In this, you can use any plugin, any payment gateway. You can customize your store according to your needs.

Unlimited everything

If you try other drop shipping companies like Oblero, Shopify, etc., then you know what I mean.

You can sell and import only a limited number of products with Oberlo if you want to import or auto-auto-fulfill more then you have to pay more.

In Shopify, you can make an only limited number of store manager account. But this is not the case with the Alidropship.

You can import the unlimited number of products, auto-fulfill an infinite number of the product without any extra cost.

Support: Any problem? Then dropship support is ready

If you got any problem with your store, then not a problem at all. Alidropship is providing lifetime support to their customer.

Freedom to use any Payment Gateway

If you are using Shopify, or any other platform for the drop shipping, then you must be aware of this problem.

With Shopify, you can only use some payment gateway. But with WordPress, we can use any payment gateway according to our region and currency.

This will help us to save money from payment gateway companies. Because most of the drop shipper lost their money by currency exchange and payment gateway fee.

Alidropship Custom Store Coupon

Just click on the Links below to active the custom store coupon

The only working 15 OFF each package:

Alidropship Custom Store Coupon 15% Off, 25% Off

Coupon code for the Alidropship Custom store, save more than 10%.

The only working 10 OFF each package:

  • GETSTORE10 — gives 10% OFF a Ready Custom Store
  • Choose any Alidropship custom store and Please copy paste The above given coupon to get the desirable discount.

Alidropship coupon code with 15% discount, Coupon code for alidropship plugin.

Dropshipme Review 2018: Worth to buy or not?


DropshipMe Review 2018

There are main three things for a profitable dropshipping e-commerce store.

  1. Profitable Product or Niche
  2. Beautiful Website Design
  3. Advertisement

Let’s talk about the first part.

I am not wasting your time by talking how its work and through some screenshot (LOGICALLY).

Most of the drop shipping website owner has a beautifully designed website, have experience in spending the right amount of time and money in advertisement. But! NO Sale. It happens most of the times.

Many people have issues with suppliers or others.

Most of the drop shippers using aliexpress as their source for the product. But we stuck with the profitable product selection and trustable supplier.

How will Dropshipme help us?

DropshipMe is the WordPress plugin. It works with woocommerce as well as with AliDropship plugin. It is developed by the same team behind the AliDropship WordPress Plugin. AliDropship is already a complete dropshipping WordPress plugin.
Get Winning Products to Your Store

But, with the development of DropshipMe, they make easy one of the many problems faced by drop shippers in the last 2-3 years.

DropshipMe will help us to select and import the products from selected more than 50,000 products from trusted sellers on aliexpress.

Profitable Products

All the products selected in the DropshipMe inventory are profitable and chosen by the experts by analysis the large data.

Time-saving through already customised Product Titles, Description and Images. It is time-consuming things to edit the large list of products from aliexpress.

It is confusing while editing the product title from aliexpress. Sometimes we gave the same title to two completely different products. It’s a confusing job.

Almost every product image on the aliexpress contain seller’s tag or other. AliDropship already provides the best image editing user interface as discussed in the previous alidropship review post. But with DropshipMe we can save plenty of time only by import the products from DropshipMe inventory.

Final Review

Yes, it is worth to buy, if you don’t have time to research product, customise their title, description and image.

If you have a workforce or time to do the job, then go with AliDropship plugin only. Otherwise, Check DropshipMe Plugin Free.

Alidropship Coupon Code: 15%, 25% and 35% Off Coupon Code


Alidropship Coupon Code

Alidropship coupon code with 15{9f0d6a8cb3ec840ea0ab8076c5d64be2e670e786ba227bb612a71af0341a8ce3} off, 25{9f0d6a8cb3ec840ea0ab8076c5d64be2e670e786ba227bb612a71af0341a8ce3} off, 35{9f0d6a8cb3ec840ea0ab8076c5d64be2e670e786ba227bb612a71af0341a8ce3} off are available. You only have to click on these coupon to get the discount. The Coupons are already applied in these Links.

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Coupon code for the Alidropship Custom store, save more than 10{9f0d6a8cb3ec840ea0ab8076c5d64be2e670e786ba227bb612a71af0341a8ce3}.

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Alidropship 25{9f0d6a8cb3ec840ea0ab8076c5d64be2e670e786ba227bb612a71af0341a8ce3} off Coupon Code – Click to Get Coupon

Alidropship 25{9f0d6a8cb3ec840ea0ab8076c5d64be2e670e786ba227bb612a71af0341a8ce3} off coupon code. In this alidropship coupon user will get the 25{9f0d6a8cb3ec840ea0ab8076c5d64be2e670e786ba227bb612a71af0341a8ce3} discount. You have to pay only $66 instead of $89. Simply click on the link given above. You will be redirected to the alidropship card with coupon applied.

Alidropship Custom Store Coupon Working

There is three plan for the alidropship custom store, the coupon code for different stores may be different sometimes, you only have to click on the given link for different plans.

Coupon code for the Alidropship Custom store, save more than 10{9f0d6a8cb3ec840ea0ab8076c5d64be2e670e786ba227bb612a71af0341a8ce3}.

Basic — $44.85 Off

Alidropship Basic Plan $44.85 Off Aliexpress

Advanced $74.85 Off

Alidropship Advanced Plan$74.85 Off Aliexpress

Ultimate $134.85 Off

Alidropship Ultimate Store $134.85 Off Aliexpress

Alidropship Supreme Store Coupon Code also included in the list with this coupon you can save more than $450.


Prowritingaid Review: Prowritingaid vs Grammarly


Prowritingaid Review

Prowritingaid is the complete tool for writing content. It’s a grammar checking, style editor, writing mentor and plagiarism checking tool.

ProwritingAid includes everything a writer needs to make his written content perfect.

Why we need a tool like ProwritingAid?

It doesn’t matter how much we are perfect in English; we do make mistakes. Not everyone has that much time to check all the written content for minor spelling and grammatical errors. We do not afford the rewrite entire text when its plagiarised.

Tools like gram marly and prowritingAid help to speed up our writing job. We can’t say that this tools will replace any human proofreading, but it makes their job easy though.

Grammarly Alternative

ProwritingAid is the perfect alternative to the Grammarly Software. It provides almost all the features that gram marly does. The user interface is different from that of the gram marly.

How is it different from the Grammarly?

Pricing: Grammarly is cost more in their yearly plan. We can get the same feature with lower costs.

User Interface: Its user interface is different from the gram marly. In gram marly, we get the pop-up windows in which we can check all the mistakes, suggestions, and plagiarism reports. In Prowritingaid, it doesn’t show a pop-up with a single click, instead of that, it provides an additional option to check particular types of mistakes. We don’t have to go further any other windows. If you are already using gram marly, then you should stay with gram marly, because you will confuse with prowritingaid’s interface.

Features: ProwritingAid provides almost all the functions that gram marly does. Additionally, it gives the readability scores, and scores out of hundred in grammar, spelling, terminology, and Style of writing.

Grammar Checker

Its grammar checker works as same as gram marly. That means it works fine. Almost all the other grammar checker tools, like white smoke, Gingersoft works same, but there is only one difference is that of the interface.

Plagiarism Checking

According to the prowritingaid, their tools are the best alternative to the popular plagiarism checker software Turnitin. However, according to my perspective gram marly is better than Prowritingaid. For checking the plagiarism, we have to buy extra credit. In Grammarly, we will get an extensive plagiarism check with the same premium plan. We will get a higher percentage of plagiarism when we check the text through gram marly, and lesser through prowritingaid (Not the same always).

Is Prowritingaid Worth It?

It depends upon your importance of works and also your field of work. For a blogger, students, prowritingaid is worth to buy. However, ProwritingAid needs little bit development in their Chrome extension, sometimes it produces errors and not working so well as Grammarly. It’s cost almost half of the gram marly. There are too many plans available according to the different features. The worth-ship is also depended upon your end use and plan you select.

Best Free youtube to mp3 converter Downloader, Android, iPhone, and Windows


Best Free youtube to mp3 converter Downloader for Android, iPhone, and Windows

Youtube is one of the most significant sources of entertainment media in the world. It contains billions of music videos, and other entertainment videos.

Sometimes we haven’t access to the internet or internet is down.

For that case, we can either download the video on the YouTube Mobile App directly to access offline. But that will download the full video that will need ample space.

To listen to the music, we only need audio files. Mp3 is the best file format for music audio files, and the question is how we can convert the Youtube to mp3 and download into our pc, android/iOS mobile.

Best 10 YouTube to MP3 App for Android

Android is one of the most used operating systems on the planet. The youtube to mp3 app for Android is a must. We can store thousands of songs into an Android device, according to memory size. Sometimes we are on the trip or something else, we have no internet access, for that time these apps are handy. Here is the Best top 10 YouTube to MP3 App for Android


Flvto is very easy to use android app to save YouTube video into MP3 format. You only have to put the youtube link in the URL box in the app then it will convert the video into MP3 within 1 sec. We can either listen to it in that format or save into the device storage.

Video to MP3 Downloader

If you want to change the quality of MP3, this android app is for you to download. Its user interface is too easy for the first time user. When we paste the link in the URL box, then pop up shows to select the quality of audio we want to convert. The time taken to switch from youtube to mp3 depends upon the chosen quality.

Video to MP3 Converter

Sometimes you have a video that is not present on youtube but hosting on the other website online. You want to convert that file into another format than mp3. This android app is the solution to the above-given problem. With this android app, we can transform the video from any online site to another audio format. You only have to paste the URL of that particular video, and then select the format and the quality of audio you want to convert.


If you don’t want to switch the windows or tabs to copy the youtube links, search video. You want a single dashboard to do all the tasks.

Yoump34 have the straightforward app to search any video on the youtube, and download into either mp4 or mp3, without switching the apps or windows. We need to open this single app to do all the tasks. This app will be the first option for all the Android user to download the mp3 songs from youtube.

Peggo APK

Peggo also has the same features as Yoump34, but this app is not available on the google play store as yoump34. You first have to download the Peggo APK then install it on your android device, after that it works same as the previous app.


WonTube is another excellent android app in our list of top 10 best android app for YouTube to mp3. But this app is not available on the google play store. We have to download it from their website.

What makes this android app different from others?

It’s easy to use interface. We can search any youtube video within this app, and download that video into any format we like.


Tubemate is the popular Youtube video downloader for the windows desktop device. They developed their android app too. We can search and download any youtube video directly from the app. You also have the option to select the format or quality according to the device, which makes it easy to choose format and quality to download the video.

Droid YouTube Downloader

Dailymotion is second most used video Streaming website after the youtube. Most of the songs are also officially released on the Dailymotion. This droid app gives you the capability to convert and download the video from youtube as well as Dailymotion in desired media format. To download the application, you have to create an Opera account first.

Tube to MP3

This tube to the MP3 app is available on the play store. We can download any youtube video into the mp3 format without losing the audio quality. It is too fast to do all the tasks from converting to download the video into the mp3 format. It is also easy to use and download songs from youtube into mp3 without any interference.


Seem is too simple and light size app to download the youtube video into the mp3 format. It is available on the google play store. This App is too fast at converting and downloading the youtube media into mp3 in our android device.

Best Youtube to Mp3 Converter and download for iPhone

It is too easy to find APK for Android Mobile Phone. For the iPhone, there are only limited options available. I listed some of the best iPhone apps to convert any youtube video and download into the iPhone.

MyMP3 – Convert any video to MP3

This app is available in the iPhone App Store. We can download this app with one click. With this app, we can convert any video available in our gallery. We can also convert youtube video through playing this app. It can convert any video which are able to play through this app.

Video to MP3 Converter

Video to MP3 Converter app is also available in the Apple App Store. A user can easily convert any video into the different audio format.

  • You can also customize the sample rate, volume and other data in the audio file.
  • You can also select the length of the video to be converted into the mp3 or any other your favorite audio format.
  • You can directly share that audio into social media, and also an option available to save it to online storage drives.

Best Youtube to video converter for windows

Any Video Converter Free

Any video converter is the windows software to convert the online video as well video available in the local store to any media format. It is free to download for the Windows operating system. It is lightweight software, doesn’t drain CPU power.

What we have to do, is just put any video link you want to convert to the desired media format like, mp4, Mp3, WMA, or any other.

The software converts and downloads the video. The time taken to download and convert the video into the desired format will depend upon your internet connection speed as well as your system configuration.

aTube Catcher

aTube Catcher is windows software to download and convert the video into the mp3. It can also convert a video into other media format.

Its user interface is too easy to use. Any new user can easily know how to use this software to download and convert the video from youtube.


Keepvid is best web app based software to convert any video into desired audio and video format. While the other software first downloads the video into the local storage then converted into the other media format.

This software will online convert any video into other formats. We only have to download the file.

Best Windows Hosting Provider in 2018


The Best Windows Hosting for 2018

We know windows server are for not every one, or not fit everyone. But most of the users in the Linux based hosting section.

We can’t get that much as in Linux based system. But if you want to run your project in .NET, ASP.NET, Microsoft SQL server, then you should need Windows hosting server instead of Linux based Server.

The windows hosting server are not provided by every hosting service provided. That may be the reason windows hosting is more expensive than Linux based server.

Some of the windows hosting servicer provider also offer the one-click app to install additionally, like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or other CMS.

In windows hosting there is no cPanel dashboard as used in the Linux based hosting. But there are other dashboard services available like Plesk.

Yes! We can view the statics of usage of CPU, traffic, emails and other essential as we are using in cPanel.

Most of the Windows servers are running on Microsoft windows server 2012, but some service provider upgrades to the 2016 version of windows server.

So, comes to the point, which one is the best Windows hosting service providers in the market in the year 2018.

1 and 1 Windows Hosting

1&1 is well known for their domain and Linux based web hosting. They are also providing the windows hosting as well. They are at the number one spot in our listing of the best windows hosting in the year 2018.

The 1&1’s price for windows hosting start from the $1.40/per month to higher.  You will get in the plan (Unlimited number of websites to run, Unlimited web space and bandwidth, additional we will get 100 email accounts to hosting with 2GB storage in each, SSL certificate, daily backup, 24/7 Telephone and email Support.

They are providing the server with Microsoft Windows server 2016 installed.

They have three plan for the windows hosting

1. Unlimited windows

2. Unlimited Windows Plus

3. Unlimited Pro Windows

With all the plans they are providing free domain name and newly added DDOS protection.

In the Unlimited windows plus, you will also get the CDN and Sitelock Basic, but it will cost $4.99 for the first month and $10 afterward.

In the Unlimited Pro windows, we will get all the features of Unlimited Windows Plus, additionally 2GB dedicated RAM, more SQL database storage,

A2 Hosting Windows Server

A2 Hosting is provided the wide range of plans, from basic shared hosting to managed WordPress, VPS and dedicated hosting as well.

A2 hosting provides three types of plan for windows hosting

1. Light

2. Swift

3. Turbo

If you want to use windows hosting for one website only, then the light plan must be for you. They are providing 1 Website, 5 Database, Unlimited Storage, transfer. They are using Plesk Onyx easy to use Control Panel.

Their Swift Plan is starting from $5.88 per month. In this, you can run an unlimited number of website, unlimited database.

If you want Fast service, then they have their Turbo Plan for that. They are using Cloudflare turbo technology to load webpage 200% faster. According to them, your page will load 20x quicker.

In all the plans they are providing Money Back Guarantee.

If you want more than shared hosting, then A2 also provides managed Windows VPS for the client like you. Their managed windows VPS plans starting from $36.29 per month.

Host Winds Windows Hosting

Looking for VPS Windows Hosting. Then you should check host winds they are providing only dedicated instance to their customers.

They are providing managed as well as unmanaged plans. They managed plans are more expensive than unmanned by the worth of that cost.

Their Managed plans start at $11.99 and unmanaged from $8.99. There is more high powered Plan; more detail is available on their website.

You will get free website transfer in every plan. If you want back-up, they will provide that in the cloud with $1/month extra cost.

These plans are for website having high traffic or requests per month.

Hostgator Windows Hosting

In the list of Best Windows hosting may be incomplete with Hostgator. Hostgator provides the plans from shared hosting to the dedicated server.

The main reason to choose Hostgator than other is their Support.

They categorized their windows or ASP NET website into two categories. One is for personal plans and second is Enterprises.

You will get Unmetered disk space and bandwidth in every plan. But in the starting personnel plan, you will get only one domain to host. On the other side in the enterprise plan, you will get five domain in starting a program with dedicated SSL, and IP.

They are too using a well-known PLESK control panel, to manage the hosting account.

With each plan, you will get free their 4500 website templates, the unlimited Email account with SMTP.

Nord VPN Review 2018, Mac, Windows, Android and iPhone


VPN is nowadays too much popular, especially in Asian countries. We usually use VPN to see content which is restricted in our Country.

VPN is more than only watch restricted content in a region.

VPN means virtual private network. It is a shared network available. Its like we are sharing the same wifi or our home network. It means we can remotely access the private network.

What is Nord VPN?

Nord VPN provides us the secure remotely accessible we Server. When we fully connected to that remote server. That server will become the launch pad of our any type of works.

For e.g., we connected to a US VPN server. We can access any website, analytics script of that website can access the data sent by that server (Location, IP, and other). That means that the website think that we are from that location and can never trace back our location or other.

Our ISP never will never trace what we surf online or other behaviors.

NordVPN review

Nord VPN is one of the most used VPN in the world. The main reason behind this, their large number of the server.

Number of Servers: 4687

Number of Countries in which server is Placed: 62

We can’t get these number with any other rival or alternative VPN provider. The number 4687 is huge.

Sometimes we want to use the website with over home country location but securely.

With the number of servers provides by any VPN, Nord has a clear win in this fight.

VPN encryption protocol Used by Nord VPN

NordVPN provides the military grade encryption for our secure internet session.

The NordVPN using the OpenVPN and IKEv2/IPSec protocols to protect our sensitive data and identity. OpenVPN is the most commonly used protocol all over the world. By IKEv2/IPSec is more secured as compared to OpenVPN. But with IKEv2/IPSec we will get a little bit lower speed as compared to OpenVPN.

Double Protection: NordVPN provides the double protection by encrypted our traffic two times.

NordVPN Speed

Every VPN affect the internet speed. The speed also depends upon the servers. With NordVPN internet speed is effected, but due to their larger server option, we can easily select other networks to get the higher internet speed.

This app not only provides the different location for us to surf the internet but at the same time block the suspicious websites and prevent malware to infect our device.

It can also prevent anyone to use our device for a DDOS attack on any website.

CyberSec Feature of VPN prevents the intrusive online ads to show up and slow down our surfing experience.

According to The Nord VPN they will not store, record, monitored our history and providing it to other third parties.

NordVPN for Netflix

The online streaming service providers like Netflix and any other mostly blocks the IP of most of the VPN. That means we can’t access these streaming sites by using this VPN.

But NordVPN works fine with the Netflix. We can watch the movies, tv series or any other videos from different server location securely.

Some of the NordVPN server IPise also blocked by the Netflix, we experienced through using these with Netflix.

Nord VPN Pricing

Nord VPN priced only $2.5 per month for the yearly subscription. If at that cost it provides with us a secure internet line, then you should buy this VPN without thinking any further.


It is compatible with MacBook, Windows, Android, iPhone as well as Google chrome and Firefox Extension.

It works find with any of the given devices. I will recommend you to use the app instead of a browser extension, because browser extension sometimes slow down the internet connection.

User Interface

It is too easy to use, we can either search the country or server location. There is a very easy to use interface to select any country through the map.

Best Antivirus 2018 For Mac, Mobile, Windows 8 and 10


Best Antivirus 2018

Everything is digitized in the 20th century. In, today’s word we save our documents, personal information (Photos, Credit or Bank details) in different Gadget.

We are starting paying fee, or bills online too. Unlike old times, we complete most of our monthly shopping online.

So, we are too much dependent on these devices.

But we need that kind of protection to protect our bank details, credit card details, and other personal information.

Wanna cry virus was too much in news in Jan 2018.

But the question is how we can prevent our data from these kinds of virus attacks. There are some companies who provide services to prevent our information or data from these types of breaches.

These software called Antivirus.

Our data safety is too much important. So, we can’t rely on some low-security antivirus software. So, we combine the list of Antivirus which can prevent our system from any type of the attacks.

It’s not only about data safety or other. If you are streaming online video other than youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion; the other streaming sites using your GPU, CPU power for mining. Most of the antivirus do not detect these mining scripts. That may cause damage to our CPU and more power consumption.

Best Antivirus for Mac Book

Before going further, the first we need to know, “Does Mackbook need an Antivirus?

Most of the times we heard that “Mac doesn’t need an antivirus”. This quote is true in some case but not always.

Mac operation system is Unix-based based operating system. It means it has a different security or firewall door, even someone breaches one door me can’t access the full machine. Yes, it is more secure than the Windows operating system.

Windows is the most used operating system that’s why attacker is mainly focused to develop new malware or ideas to crack the security of windows than the MacOS.

But, now it’s 2018, the Mac user is increasing more than ever. That may be the reason the development in the attack on MacOS is also increased nowadays.

Maybe in future MacBook not secured as today. That’s why we need an antivirus to protect from that breach.

Here is our List of Best Antivirus for the MacBook in 2018.

This list is generated by the research of Macworld, which antivirus works best with the MacBook.

Intego Mac Internet Security X9 for Mac

Intego Mac Internet Security Comes with the 49.99$ per year Subscription cost. It works smoothly with the MacBook, and quite fast as compared to another antivirus.

Intego Mac Internet Security gives us two apps; VirusBarrier and NetBarrier X9.

Virus Barrier: Prevent our Mac pc from any malware file inside the system.

NetBarrier X9: Detect any incoming threat or any unauthorized aches of our Mac.

This Antivirus is specially developed for the Mac operating system and one of the best antivirus for Mac.


Kaspersky is one of the best antiviruses not only for Mac but for Windows Devices at the same time.

If you are frequently using your credit card or any other mode of payment online for shopping, paying the bill or for any other purposes. Then, this one is the must-have software or antivirus for you.

They have option Safe Money feature, that a killing feature which may be some other security software lack.

For finding malware in the system, it is a little bit slow as compared to Intego Mac Internet Security X9.

Avira Antivirus for MAC

Avira Antivirus is one of the well-known company for their malware security.

If you are plug in or out multiple storage devices (Mostly common in college). This software will give you an additional feature to check the malware in any plugin USB storage device like Pen Drive. You will not need to pay extra for this feature.

This software also takes some time, when full system scan is ON.

The user interface to use this antivirus is great. Anyone, even a first time user can easily find out what they desire.

ESET Cyber Security for MAC

ESET cost around 40 bucks for their one-year subscription for Macbook security.

This also checks the whole system at amazing speed.

Their cool feature is checked email for malware or other. If you want to check your mail too for malware then, ESET is best for checking email malware as compared to other competitors.

AVAST Antivirus for Mac Book

Avast can also detect all types of malware in your MacBook. The best part is, we can get avast Antivirus free for 3 months.

This antivirus can also prevent any breach through the shared network. It can help us to stop ransom cold virus, which can hide our personal photos or other files to encrypted by any third person.

Its pro version can also prevent anyone to connect your wifi as well.

Best Antivirus for Mobile

Most of us have in our mind that why we need Antivirus for mobile. We know smartphone priced from 100$ to 2000$+. It’s an easy target for thieves these days.

We know we have some private photos, and other data on our phone too. That’s why we need antivirus, which not only prevents us from malware but at the same time has the anti-theft feature.

Bitdefender Antivirus

Its a best antitheft and lightweight antivirus.

The problem with most of the antivirus is that they consume our CPU power. That will slow down our device sometimes. This is not the case with Bitdefender. Bitdefender is a lightweight Antivirus. It consumes very little CPU power as compared to another antivirus.

It is also one of the best antitheft protection. It has an option that it can click the photo of any other third person will use your mobile and sent it to bit defender center server. We can erase data from the remote access. It also has other feature that it will alarm our remote attached device, whenever we are more distanced from our mobile.

Avast Mobile Security

It is the second best mobile antivirus according to our list.

Malware scanning feature of this software is good. Avast mobile security also has other features like Call Blocking, Anti-Theft protection.

In the anti-theft protection, we can remotely delete any data in our device. The bit defender’s anti-theft protection is of the high notch as compared to Avast.

McAfee Security and Power Booster

It’s the best feature is anti-theft like Bitdefender, we can also trace our phone when we lost it. We can make phone scream to find the device, remotely.

This device also has a feature of taking pictures of the thief or any other person tampering with your mobile.

There is another antivirus available but we recommend to use from any one of the three according to your choice.

Best Antivirus for Windows

Windows is the most used operating system for PC and Laptop. That makes it the first choice for the hackers, and other groups. The development of antivirus for windows always at the peak.

Above 90% of the offices in the world using Windows operating system. Even though ATM or runs on windows operating system.

Below we listed the some of the best Antivirus for Windows Operating system and it’s a long list.

Bit defender Antivirus for Windows

Bit defender is instantly fast and provides a secure network.

Bit defender cost you around $50 for one year with 3 device installation. Bit defender can scan almost all types of malware.

Kaspersky Antivirus for Windows

Kaspersky is a top cybersecurity company developing products for Business as well as for Home users.

It adds additional features in antivirus for the home user, like parentage control, safe banking for online transaction. It will prevent any incoming malware links.

Windows defender

If you think any installed third-party antivirus or any other security software will feed on your CPU power then, window defender is the best option. It is too lightweight to run on any configuration system.

But windows defender are not performed well in some security tests.

Avast Antivirus for Windows Operating System

Avast again one of the best option to protect your windows pc or laptop from malware or any other kind of threat.

Avast will also provide free vpn of 200 MB to hide your identity. It is fast, reliable and secured antivirus to use.

It comes with free as well as paid version, we will recommend you to use the paid version, if you can.

Free Online Plagiarism Checker With Percentage

Free Online Plagiarism Checker With Percentage

There are many free online plagiarism checkers with the percentage available. But most of us not aware of which one plagiarism checker is best and why. I run some test to check the best plagiarism detector or checker tool.

Turnitin is the best plagiarism checker ever

We know Turnitin is best plagiarism checker and is the most used plagiarism checker in the universities and colleges. Most of us are looking for the Turnitin free trial. Forget about free trial we can’t even buy turnitin paid version. Because turnitin is available for the institutions only not for the individual. Then, the new questions arise, which are the free online plagiarism checker for students and teachers.

Top 10 Best Free Online Plagiarism Checker or Detectors

  1. Quetext
  2. Plagscan
  3. Small Seo Tools
  4. Edubirdie
  5. Copyleaks
  6. Paper Rater
  7. Duplichecker
  8. Grammarly
  9. Plagium
  10. Plagiarisma

Plagiarism Checker Review

In the review process, First I checked a 1000 word text with Turnitin then it with other software. In the report generated by Turnitin that stats are 14{9f0d6a8cb3ec840ea0ab8076c5d64be2e670e786ba227bb612a71af0341a8ce3} plagiarism from 12 sources. Then I compared it with other Plagiarism checkers. In this way, you can easily find our which one is the best plagiarism checker

Quetext Plagiarism Checker Review

Everone will have Question: Is Quetext accurate? That’s why I review the Quetext Plagiarism Checker. Yes! quetext shows the plagiarism in the percentage.

In the quetext, we can directly check the plagiarism without any Sign-up and other registration processes. Their user interface is also easy to use. Here is my result with the Quetext

Results: 9{9f0d6a8cb3ec840ea0ab8076c5d64be2e670e786ba227bb612a71af0341a8ce3} Plagiarism, from different two sources

Plagscan Plagiarism checker Review

Plagscan is my second best free online plagiarism checker tool or detector software. I followed the same process as in the quetext.

To check the plagiarism with Plagscan, we have to provide email id. After registration, they offer an only limited number of credits to test the plagiarism. The results from the plagscan plagiarism checker are given below

Results: 5{9f0d6a8cb3ec840ea0ab8076c5d64be2e670e786ba227bb612a71af0341a8ce3} from different four sources.

Small Seo Tools Plagiarism checker Review

Small SEO tools are mainly for the webpage seo. They are using Grammarly Ghost named script to check the grammar as well plagiarism in the text. They are the completely free tool to use. But the report generated by them are good enough. But its free.

Results: 2{9f0d6a8cb3ec840ea0ab8076c5d64be2e670e786ba227bb612a71af0341a8ce3} from 1 sources

Edubirdie Plagiarism Checker Review

Edubirdie in actual writing service provider. They are providing fee plagiarism checker service as well. Sometimes I believed that they showed a little bit more plagiarism so that they get more customer for their service. Plagiarism sources are also occasionally irrelevant. Like in this report they showed plagiarism for the words “the, is, am, are, etc.”.

Results: 4.5{9f0d6a8cb3ec840ea0ab8076c5d64be2e670e786ba227bb612a71af0341a8ce3} from one source

Copyleaks Plagiarism checker Review

I had quite expectations for this software because of their brand name. But when I get the result for my report, I shocked with 0{9f0d6a8cb3ec840ea0ab8076c5d64be2e670e786ba227bb612a71af0341a8ce3} plagiarism. But maybe it varies from text to text.

If you like this comparison of different plagiarism, then you may be also like my post “what is best plagiarism checking tool?”. In that post, I write about the best plagiarism checker tools paid or free.


What is tisha b’av?


What is Tisha b’av?

Tisha B’av is the annual fest of Jewish people. It is on the different date every year. It is celebrated on the day because of large number disaster’s occur on jewish people on these days. So, for the memory of these people or disaster occurs on those ancestors Jewish people fest for 2 days mostly.

Tihsa B’av is the saddest day for the Jewish Comunity.

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When is Tisha B’av Start in 2018?

Tisha B’av 2018 will start from the 22 July and end on the very next day 23 of July. On these two days Jewish People fest in the memory of their ancestor. It is normaly comes int he month of July or August. In 2019 Tisha B’av come in the month of August from 10-11 august.

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When is Tisha b’av 2018 over?

Tisha b’av will over on the 23 of July 2018.