Is life possible on mars?

Is life possible on mars?

Is life possible on mars? This question comes in everyone’s mind who, have little interest in space science or others. We can say that this is the biggest question of the 21st century.

Before move further in details, first, we need to know that what are a basic need for life?

1. Water
2. Essential chemicals
3. Energy resources

Evidence of life on Mars

The question of the possibility of life on mars comes when scientist discovered the meteorite in 1996, in Antarctica. This meteorite contains organic molecules.

All the major space Agency launched much mission to know more about the mars. NASA also send two launched two operations on Mars named Opportunity and Curiosity.

In the latest mission Curiosity, 2012 NASA found much new evidence, some of them helping in solve this big debate.

    Water on mars: – Some pictures taken by opportunity and curiosity make it clear that there is water stream on Mars. Curiosity found some round pebbles on mars, which resembles the pebbles found on earth, they tend to be very round as well because as they move in the stream pebbles are hitting another pebble.
    Curiosity also found some organic chemical which shows evidence of life on mars in Past. It may be possible that Mars was habitable before Earth was.
    On November 22, 2016, NASA reported finding a large amount of underground ice in the Utopia Planitia region of Mars. The volume of water detected has been estimated to be equal to the volume of water in Lake Superior.

The conclusion is that life on MARS may exist in past. But today life may exist on Mars in smaller single cell organism in the deeper layer of MARS. It is not the possibility of life on Surface of Mars due to harsh condition for habitability.

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