Is it worth to Buy Alidropship: Alidropship Review

Alidropship is plugin developed by Yaros. It is first to complete autopilot plugin for WordPress for dropshipping. I am using it for an almost a years. I tested another plugin as well. Today, I am writing about the complete review of the Alidropship plugin.

Alidropship Review

Alidropship is a WordPress plugin mainly used for dropshipping from aliexpress. I will review this plugin by their features and compare it with other available options as well.

Importing Products from Aliexpress: Alidropship Review

There are other free as well as paid tools are available for importing products from the aliexpress. But in my experience alidropship is best. Here is why

When we importing the products from aliexpress with other tools, there is a mismatch between product variables (Size, Colors and others). So we have to edit these after importing the products. I have good experience in importing products from aliexpress with alidropship plugin.

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It is also fast as compared to other tools available, like shopmaster. As said in the last paragraph we don’t have to edit product descriptions or other after importing the products to our drop shipping stores.

Auto update product price

This features is not available with other most of the plugins, but it is available with shopmaster, and woodropship. It is slow in other tools. But alidropship is also updated price of 10-15 products after each 15 min. So, if you have 1000s of products they may be all of your products are not update within an hour or take more times. Otherwise, its price updating features are works great.

Auto Update Product Stock

Believe me or not this is a most wanted feature of Alidropship. Sometimes it happens, customer order items from our stores and stock is unavailable on the Aliexpress. I tested it, when products stock from the aliexpress is zero then products in our store goes to draft, and when it again available on aliexpress, in our store published again.

More Commision Through Affiliate

Yes! this is an extra feature in the Alidropship which is not available with any other Dropshipping tools. It is available in the Oberlo with the Shopify But for that, we have to pay $80 per month.

While drop shipping through the aliexpress, most of the revenue we lost through the currency conversion rate, Payment Gateway fee, taxes or other. To cover that loss, affiliation is a must. So, the only alidropship is giving that in my current knowledge.

One time Fee for the Plugin

If we dropship through Shopify then we have to pay $30 per month for shopify, and extra for oberlo if higher higher orders or products. But in alidropship we can upload unlimited numbers of products, and also fulfill unlimited numbers of orders.

In Shopify with $30 plan, we have only limited number of features. But, with the wordpress, we have the freedom to do anything, like use any payment gateway or others.

Alidropship Review Woocommerce

I will write about alidropship woo in the different posts. Alidropshpi woo works perfectly with the woocommerce. Actually, I will prefer Alidropship woo over the Alidropship plugin, because of unlimited numbers of add-ons and themes for the woocommerce.

I an using Alidropshp woo for my stores. I also used alidropship plugin instead of alidropship woo but there is the limited number of themes, also for beginners alidropship woo is much better.

Edit Images before uploading to the dropshipping store

In aliexpress, every product images contain the store logo. We have to remove that logo So that our customers doesn’t know about the aliexpress stores. This is lacking feature in the Oberlo, because it is not up to the mark of the alidropship. In alidropship it is too fast as compared to shopmaster and woodropship.

Final Review about the Alidropship

If you are planning to source products aliexpress then Alidropship is best ever products to use even Shopify. In Shopify we have to pay monthly, doesn’t matter we are making a profit or not, but for alidropship there is only one Time fee of 89usd. I strongly recommend if you are planning to dropshipping from aliexpress.

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Importing Products from Aliexpress
Update Pricing and Product Stocks
Place Orders Automatically
Compatible with WooCommerce
Sourcing Products
worth-buy-alidropship-alidropship-reviewI give only 2.5 stars for Sourcing products because we can only import products from the aliexpress, not other sites.

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