How does planting trees reduce carbon dioxide

Carbon dioxide is a primarily responsible factor for global warming. So, the scientist also mainly focused on how to reduce the concentration of Carbon dioxide. The solution, which is easily adapted is planting trees.

Does planting trees reduce carbon dioxide

The answer to this question is yes. Planting trees helps in reducing the concentration of carbon dioxide in the environment.

How planting trees reduce carbon dioxide.

To fully understand this, we have to learn about the photosynthesis process. In the photosynthesis, the plant takes the carbon dioxide from the environment and make their mass from carbon dioxide.

The process of capturing the carbon from the atmosphere and store it in the form of food is also called carbon sequestration. Carbon sequestration is helping in lowering the carbon concentration.

How much does a tree reduce co2

The quantity of carbon reduces by a tree not static. It depends on many factors like species, favorable condition, and ecological region of the world.

Some tree stores carbon more quickly than others. Some favorable condition also makes for absorbing carbon dioxide to at high pace.

Trees will also give other benefits along with lowering excess carbon dioxide concentration in the environment. They provide excellent habitat for living beings by releasing oxygen into the atmosphere. The trees offer many economically resource to us. They give us wood to make a home, for fire, and food for all the living beings.

There are endless benefits of planting tree. We have to plant a maximum number of the tree not due to environment organizations ask us to do this; we have our interest in it.


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