What is tisha b’av?

What is Tisha b’av?

Tisha B’av is the annual fest of Jewish people. It is on the different date every year. It is celebrated on the day because of large number disaster’s occur on jewish people on these days. So, for the memory of these people or disaster occurs on those ancestors Jewish people fest for 2 days mostly.

Tihsa B’av is the saddest day for the Jewish Comunity.

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When is Tisha B’av Start in 2018?

Tisha B’av 2018 will start from the 22 July and end on the very next day 23 of July. On these two days Jewish People fest in the memory of their ancestor. It is normaly comes int he month of July or August. In 2019 Tisha B’av come in the month of August from 10-11 august.

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When is Tisha b’av 2018 over?

Tisha b’av will over on the 23 of July 2018.



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