CAT Preparation in 60 Days

CAT 2017 will be conducted on 13th October 2017, it’s almost 2 months remaining for the
preparation of examination. According to CAT exam pattern, it has a sectional time limit and one cannot choose which section to attempt first and which to attempt second. So how does one prepare for CAT exams in this short span of time: Make a timetable for your CAT and assign more time to the topics in which you feel you are weak. This article will help you to prepare for your CAT exam in a short span of time.

Verbal Ability Section

Read a lot to deal with the Verbal Ability & Logical Reasoning Section of CAT, reading articles on a daily basis not only help improve your vocabulary but also improves your ability to understand and comprehend a lot faster. Read the daily newspaper and weekly magazines, these will also help you to build your General Knowledge.


Questions based on grammar are asked in each and every CAT examination, if you feel you are weak in grammar then it’s your turn to go back to basics and face the problems. Grammar is important because it helps you to connect complex and convoluted ideas, it also helps you to read and understand things quickly.
Some best books to improve grammar are:
  • Wren & Martin
  • Better English by Norman Lewis

Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning

Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning is always the second section to appear in the CAT examination. Approximately 16 questions are asked from this section.

Get acquainted with caselets

Get familiar with the questions asked in Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning, the questions asked in this section will be in the form of caselets, and each case consists of 3-4 questions. Data Interpretation (DI) questions are asked in the form of a line, bar graphs, and piecharts etc. Logical Reasoning Questions are mainly based on arrangements, Blood Relations, Family Tree, Venn Diagrams.

Questions on Intensive Calculation

Data Interpretation questions are calculation intensive, use the onscreen calculator provided during the exam. Try to solve questions using calculation trick, as it will save a lot of time.

Quantitative Ability

Quantitative Ability (QA) is the first section of the CAT Question paper. Below are some points which will help candidates to prepare well for the CAT examination.

First, go through the syllabus of Quantitative Aptitude for CAT, analyze which section has
more weightage and which have less, after that, try to attempt a cat sample paper then evaluate your own weakness and strengths. Pick your old school books to read the topics in which you saw yourself weak and need to work more. Don’t leave out important topics, as it is not possible to read each and every topic, so at least try to read those important topics.

Practice lot of CAT sample paper, solving sample paper and the mock test will help you to get acquainted with the types and patterns of questions asked in CAT examination.

For a better understanding of each and every topic of CAT examination watch these videos or subscribe to Byju’s YouTube Channel.

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