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ICAR JRF (Junior Research Fellowship Exam) | Mock Tests | Study Material


ICAR JRF: Every year ICAR (Indian Council of Agricultural Research) awarded the JRF (Junior Research Fellowship) to Agriculture Students or student having BSc. in Agricultre, Forestry etc.

Amount awarded to Student in ICAR JRF

Rs. 8640/- or 130USD pm + Contingency grant of Rs. 6000/- or 90 USD per year for other than Veterinary Science students
Rs. 12000/- or 180 USD pm + Contingency grant of Rs. 6000/- or 90 USD per year for Veterinary Science students

Fellowship is given to the number of students for their further Post graduation studies who scored good rank in this exam.

So, as we promise to help the every student to fulfill their goal. We will start the providing free study material as well as mock test.

We will provide the MOCK Test for Horticulture, Agronomy, Soil Science, Plant Breeding, Plant Protection, Foresty and other subjects.

Our mock test covers the entire syllabus of the different subject of the in JRF Exam.

Currently, we are not able to provide notes instantly, that’s why we recommend the following books to the students.

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