Gk Questions or General Knowledge Questions

Gk questions for Competitive Exams

Gk Questions or questions related to general knowledge are important especially in India for Exam. Gk questions are very useful to check any exam candidate’s preparation. Preparmy collect the vast numbers of questions from books, Exams, and other online available sources.

On preparmy’s site user can get the GK questions or GK quiz for following subjects.

  1. Economics General Knowledge Questions
  2. Geography General Knowledge Questions
  3. Polity Gk questions
  4. Agriculture GK questions
  5. History General Knowledge Questions
  6. Art and culture Gk questions
  7. Biology GK questions
  8. Science and technology General knowledge questions
  9. Chemistry general knowledge questions
  10. Physics general knowledge questions
  11. Computer General knowledge question

GK questions for Kids

Gk questions for kids contains everyday science and other general information and quiz about them. These questions will helps to improve the general awareness of kids in early age.

GK Questions for Class 5

Gk Questions for Class 5, 6, 7, 8, and upto 10 for Indian Students. These gk questions are assembled or collected according to the different state education Boards, and CBSE.

We are still uploading the gk questions on site. Please contribute to this community by uploading questions or send us questions at contact@