Amber Heard Says Johnny Can’t Look at Me ‘CAUSE HE’S GUILTY!!!

Johnny Depp’s attorney claimed that the actor had not considered Amber Heard at all during this trial to keep the promise he madehowever, his ex-wife has called it BS … and offering an entirely different explanation.

The lawyer for Johnny, Camille Vasquez began her cross-examination Monday by asking an unassuming query … Johnny hadn’t even glanced at her during the trial, did been? Amber claimed she wasn’t sure that and Camille claimed she knew the exact the reason … since Johnny promised that she wouldn’t ever again see his eyes.

Then she played an audio file in which Johnny Amber and Amber were having a heated argument in the aftermath of having received the TRO against him and you can hear him saying something similar to this.

Amber did not respond to it very in cross-check however on redirecther lawyer, Elaine Bredehoft opened the door again to the eye thingAmber jumped up and down. Amber immediately jumped in to disprove Johnny’s alleged argument … by arguing instead that he could not look her in the eyes due to guilt.

It was quite an intense scene … Amber got emotional, claiming she had beaten her attacker and that she thinks he would never even look at her as it is clear that he’s wrong in this particular case.

She also said he actually been looking her in the eye at least a couple of times since the meeting in July 2016 as they attempted reconciling post-TRO Amber even claims Johnny showed her kindness afterward … she claims he had slipped her a new number.

We’ll put it this way … Johnny has been steadfast in not looking at Amber at all while she’s under oath. Which is a bit awkward because Amber has definitely given him a few glances throughout. However, it appears that she and her attorneys believe that the eye story is absurd.

However, Amber ended up getting the final word, with her lawyer in charge she’s now done in the evidence. It’s unclear if a different witness is scheduled to take the stand, which could include Johnny himself, however this court appears to be on a break.

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