What is Photosynthesis?

Photosynthesis is the process used by plants, autotrophs, for making their food. The term photosynthesis comes from “photo” means light and synthesis means “to make.” So photosynthesis means makes food or matter with energy, with the help of light energy.

In photosynthesis reaction, plants make food (matter with energy) with light energy and raw matter. In simple words, plants store the light energy for future use.

Everyone thinks photosynthesis is a single reaction in which plants, uses CO2, water, and light energy. However, Photosynthesis occurs in some response. Its, like if A is to convert into f then it goes through some reaction like A – B – C- D – E – F., In the Same way, Photosynthesis completed through two responses. Light Reaction or dark reaction

In the light reaction as the name suggest, the light used as an energy source. In light dependent reaction plants store the light energy in ATP. The electron carrier receives the electron from H2O molecules.

Dark reaction is also called calvin cycle, Calvin-Benson cycle. The ATP energy and the electron from NADPH consumed for making the glucose molecules from the Carbon dioxide. Oxygen released into the atmosphere during this step of photosynthesis.

Importance of Photosynthesis

What is most important for the plant to live? The answer from most of the people will be same. That is soil. Right, Answer is Air. The plant can live without soil; hydroponics is a good example of which give strength to this answer.

Most of us think that plant use soil as their food source. However, the plant makes their food, through the process photosynthesis. Yes, they absorb nutrients, water from the soil, but an actual real matter which adds mass to plant comes from the air. That is CO2. CO2 is the building block of the plant matters.

Real life example, We plant a tree in a pod if we measure the weight after one year of soil and tree. Then we notice that weight of soil will be same. But the weight of the tree is increasing many times.

Photosynthesis is responsible for the all the energy pyramid in all ecological region. We eat food, no matter we are vegetarian or non-vegetarian, all the energy get from the photosynthesis.

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