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Is it worth to Buy Alidropship: Alidropship Review

Is it worth to buy alidrosphip: Alidropship review

Alidropship is plugin developed by Yaros. It is first to complete autopilot plugin for WordPress for dropshipping. I am using it for an almost a years. I tested another plugin as well. Today, I am writing about the complete review of the Alidropship plugin.

Alidropship Review

Alidropship is a WordPress plugin mainly used for dropshipping from aliexpress. I will review this plugin by their features and compare it with other available options as well.

Importing Products from Aliexpress: Alidropship Review

There are other free as well as paid tools are available for importing products from the aliexpress. But in my experience alidropship is best. Here is why

When we importing the products from aliexpress with other tools, there is a mismatch between product variables (Size, Colors and others). So we have to edit these after importing the products. I have good experience in importing products from aliexpress with alidropship plugin.

Buy alidropship with 25% discount

It is also fast as compared to other tools available, like shopmaster. As said in the last paragraph we don’t have to edit product descriptions or other after importing the products to our drop shipping stores.

Auto update product price

This features is not available with other most of the plugins, but it is available with shopmaster, and woodropship. It is slow in other tools. But alidropship is also updated price of 10-15 products after each 15 min. So, if you have 1000s of products they may be all of your products are not update within an hour or take more times. Otherwise, its price updating features are works great.

Auto Update Product Stock

Believe me or not this is a most wanted feature of Alidropship. Sometimes it happens, customer order items from our stores and stock is unavailable on the Aliexpress. I tested it, when products stock from the aliexpress is zero then products in our store goes to draft, and when it again available on aliexpress, in our store published again.

More Commision Through Affiliate

Yes! this is an extra feature in the Alidropship which is not available with any other Dropshipping tools. It is available in the Oberlo with the Shopify But for that, we have to pay $80 per month.

While drop shipping through the aliexpress, most of the revenue we lost through the currency conversion rate, Payment Gateway fee, taxes or other. To cover that loss, affiliation is a must. So, the only alidropship is giving that in my current knowledge.

One time Fee for the Plugin

If we dropship through Shopify then we have to pay $30 per month for shopify, and extra for oberlo if higher higher orders or products. But in alidropship we can upload unlimited numbers of products, and also fulfill unlimited numbers of orders.

In Shopify with $30 plan, we have only limited number of features. But, with the wordpress, we have the freedom to do anything, like use any payment gateway or others.

Alidropship Review Woocommerce

I will write about alidropship woo in the different posts. Alidropshpi woo works perfectly with the woocommerce. Actually, I will prefer Alidropship woo over the Alidropship plugin, because of unlimited numbers of add-ons and themes for the woocommerce.

I an using Alidropshp woo for my stores. I also used alidropship plugin instead of alidropship woo but there is the limited number of themes, also for beginners alidropship woo is much better.

Edit Images before uploading to the dropshipping store

In aliexpress, every product images contain the store logo. We have to remove that logo So that our customers doesn’t know about the aliexpress stores. This is lacking feature in the Oberlo, because it is not up to the mark of the alidropship. In alidropship it is too fast as compared to shopmaster and woodropship.

Final Review about the Alidropship

If you are planning to source products aliexpress then Alidropship is best ever products to use even Shopify. In Shopify we have to pay monthly, doesn’t matter we are making a profit or not, but for alidropship there is only one Time fee of 89usd. I strongly recommend if you are planning to dropshipping from aliexpress.

Buy alidropship with 25% discount

What is the Best Plagiarism Checking Tool?


There are a number of plagiarism checking tools available on the market. Here I compile the some of the free plagiarism checking tools, as well as paid plagiarism checking tools. I mention some of the best alternatives to Turnitin (most used plagiarism checker at universities).

List of Best Plagiarism Checking Tools or Software

  1. Grammarly

No doubt, Grammarly is the best plagiarism checking, as well as grammar checking software. The best thing about Grammarly is that we can check plagiarism while writing, instead of uploading a file after completing the task of writing. So Grammarly saves time. Grammarly is useful for academic purposes as well as for writing unique SEO content for websites as well. We can say that Grammarly is the best plagiarism checking tool and best alternative to Turnitin.

Grammarly uses Google API to find similar strings indexed by Google. Grammarly also has its own database, which includes a large number of publications. Most of the plagiarism checkers only use the Google API to check plagiarism, which is why the plagiarism report generated through another plagiarism checker always shows a lower percentage than that of Grammarly.

Grammarly Plagiarism Checking Tool
Grammarly Plagiarism Checking Tool

2. Copyscape

Copyscape is also a popular plagiarism checker tool. However, it is not as popular as that of Grammarly. Copyscape is widely used to check websites for copied content. To review any document, we have to upload a file, as with Turnitin. The similarity reports generated by Copyscape are thoroughly detailed and include the sources of the plagiarised content


Best Plagiarism Checking Tool
Copyscape Best Plagiarism Checking Tool

3. ProwritingAid

According to ProwritingAid, their tool is the best alternative to Turnitin. Yes, it is a powerful tool to check plagiarism. It works the same way as Grammarly does. However, Grammarly is much better than prowritingAid due to its easy to use interface. I experienced some programming errors and loading issues while using prowritingAid. However, it is much better than any other software on the list.

Best Plagiarism Checking Tool
ProwritingAid Best Plagiarism Checking Tool

4. Plagiarism Checker X

Only the desktop version of the Plagiarism Checker X is available right now. This is also one of the most used plagiarism checkers. A free trial of Plagiarism Checker x is possible. But there are some limitations on the free trial.

In the free trial, a check for similarity is limited to the indexed resources. To find all of the possible plagiarism in a manuscript, you have to upgrade to their paid version. With this, I would recommend going for either Grammarly or ProwritingAid, due to their greater variety of features, as well as ease of use with any software or browser like Chrome and Safari.

Best Plagiarism Checking Tool
Plagiarism Checker X:- Best Plagiarism Checking Tool


5. WriteCheck

Write Check is the plagiarism checking tool develop by Turnitin; there is no doubt about their plagiarism checking ability. However, this tool will cost you more than any of the plagiarism checkers listed above.

Best Plagiarism Checking Tool
WriteCheck:- Best Plagiarism Checking Tool

So, in the List of the Best Plagiarism Checking Tools, overall Grammarly is the best tool to check plagiarism, and additionally has other useful features.

If anyone still wants to check free plagiarism through Turnitin, contact us [email protected] or Comment below.



Grammarly Review : is it worth to Buy Grammarly Premium?

Grammarly Review

Is Grammarly premium worth it

I am using Grammarly premium from last one and half Years. I am going to share my experience with you about the Grammarly premium. In this blog post, I will review every feature of Grammarly and compare with other service providers for better understanding.

Grammarly Review: Is Grammarly Premium Worth of It?

Frankly speaking, we can’t simply say that it is worth it or not. It depends on the end user needs. For, people like a researcher, students, Seo Content Writers, and other related writing professions they should have Grammarly premium. Lets talks about grammarly review 2018


Recently I completed my Master’s in Science with Thesis. In our University, we have to publish a paper in high rated research Journal to get Degree certification. I have only one month to complete to write my whole thesis of 200 pages and a research paper without any grammatical mistakes. How we can forget about the Plagiarism free?. For final submission of the thesis, we have to limit our plagiarism within several limits.

Ohh!! Lots of task within One month time. Here is the twist, then I search online for the grammar checking tools, then I find out lots of them like Grammarly, white smoke, ProwritingAid, GingerSoft. You are also aware of these all if you come to this post. I checked all of them one by one after the 2-3 hours of search; I result that Grammarly is best. On that time tried only Grammarly Free version, then checked other features of Grammarly Premium version. At that time, I don’t have much money to buy one or risk one. Thank’s to my friend he came to rescue me at that time.

He gave me his Grammarly Premium Credentials. I know at that time, I can write at a speed of 4x or 5x without thinking about grammatical issues. We can also check our Similarity report while writing. I don’t have to need rewrite entire thesis chapter to decrease the limit of my plagiarism. The thing why I love Grammarly as a student is that we don’t have to rewrite the whole article to correct a mistake, to write with decrease the similarity report percentage.

Why Grammarly premium worth for Students?

  • Instantly remove Grammatical Mistake while writing, so no need to rewrite entire manuscript.
  • Check the unlimited times Similarity Report or Plagiarism Report while Writing.
  • It will increase the speed of writing and build confidence.

For Content Write For Websites

Google loves unique content, as a content writer you are aware of this.

While we are writing any blog post, product description, we have many things in our mind at the same time. Whatever I am writing is it unique, Grammarly correct. Then, we write and then delete, again and again. This is because we don’t have confidence that whatever we write is it right or not.

Grammarly Build Confidence

Yes, before Grammarly I barely write any blog post. At that time I copy from other people’s posts use the spinner tools and other stuff you may be aware of these all. Grammarly gives me confidence about grammar mistakes; now I can write freely whatever comes to my mind I convert these thoughts into blog posts.

Grammarly Helps in SEO

A big Yes, Grammarly helps in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Its simple, Google loves unique content, with Grammarly we can write unique plagiarism free. So don’t need to talk about this topic anymore.

Is there any Good Alternative to Grammarly

According to me, Grammarly is best if it comes to grammar mistake only. But if you want for Plagiarism, then other options are also available like Turnitin, ProwritingAid and Write Check. But with these, you can only check a limited number of articles, and Turnitin is not available for the individuals. ProwritingAid is very Close to Grammarly, but Grammarly has better user interface than the ProwritingAid. I also tried the ProwritingAid Pro version, but I have many issues with their Google Chrome extension.

Can Grammarly Replace the Human Proofreader

At the current stage of Grammarly can’t Replace the human proofreader that’s why they are providing extra human proofreader features in their subscription. Maybe in future at the current pace of AI development, Grammarly can Replace the Human Proofreader.

Grammarly Premium Plan

Grammarly Comes in simple premium plan. But Its depend upon us we want to buy grammarly for month, for 6 month or full year. Its obious we can save more in their Yearly Plan.

In the end, if you have in the same situation as in I was then Grammarly premium is worth to buy. If you have only one or two task to do, then you can buy Grammarly premium monthly subscription or burrow Grammarly premium profile credentials from some friends. But I strongly recommend Grammarly especially to people in SEO, SMM, Content Writing and higher Studies Students. If anyone has their own review about the Grammarly Please share with us in the Comment Section

IPL 2018 Schedule

Vivo IPL 2018

Vivo IPL 2018

The most awaiting tournament Vivo IPL finally comes in the year 2018. After the wait of two years finally, Vivo IPL Starts on the 7th April 2018 in the Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai, Maharashtra. The opening ceremony of the Vivo Indian Premier League 2018 is on 6th of April in Mumbai. This Year we will see some big changes in teams as well as others.

Many Teams totally full with new players. Some teams retain their old star player like Chennai super kings, Mumbai Indians, Royal challengers banglore.

In next two months, We will see on trending on google as well as on twitter and facebook #VIVO IPL Live Score or #IPL Score, #IPL sixes, Fours and Player Fifties, Fastest Fifties etc.

Ipl point table 2018 

IPL point table is the table to check the position of team in the league. As seen in the many last years results. We can’t preditcs in starting which team will win IPL and which not. It is also assured in the first IPL in 2008 by lowest bidding team wins the IPL. After that we can’t predict which team is strong and which is not. It’s love of ipl game.

Vivo IPL 2018 (Indian Premier League) Team List

This year total 8 team participate in the IPL. Chennai super kings come back after some years of ban under new owner. We can see too many new players in some teams.

  1. Rajasthan Royals
  2. Kings XI Punjab
  3. Delhi Daredevils
  4. Kolkata Knight Riders
  5. Chennai Super Kings
  6. Mumbai Indians
  7. Royal Challengers Banglore
  8. Sunrises Hyderabad

Vivo IPL 2018 Player List

Chennai Super Kings Player List

  1. MS Dhoni,
  2. Ravindra Jadeja
  3. Suresh Raina,
  4. Kedar Jadhav,
  5. Dwayne Bravo.
  6. Karn Sharma,
  7. Shane Watson,
  8. Shardul Thakur,
  9. Ambati Rayudu,
  10. Murali Vijay,
  11. Harbhajan Singh,
  12. Faf Du Plessis,
  13. Mark Wood,
  14. Sam Billings,
  15. Imran Tahir,
  16. Deepak Chahar,
  17. Mitchell Santner,
  18. Lungisani Ngidi,
  19. Asif K M,
  20. N Jagadeesan,
  21. Kanishk Seth,
  22. Monu Singh,
  23. Dhruv Shorey,
  24. Kshitiz Sharma,
  25. Chaitanya Bishnoi.

Kings XI Punjab Player List

  1. Axar Patel,
  2. KL Rahul,
  3. Ravichandran Ashwin,
  4. Andrew Tye,
  5. Aaron Finch,
  6. Marcus Stoinis,
  7. Karun Nair,
  8. Mujeeb Zadran,
  9. Ankit Singh Rajpoot,
  10. David Miller,
  11. Mohit Sharma,
  12. Barinder Singh Sran,
  13. Yuvraj Singh,
  14. Christopher Gayle,
  15. Ben Dwarshuis,
  16. Akshdeep Nath,
  17. Manoj Tiwary,
  18. Mayank Agarwal,
  19. Manzoor Dar,
  20. Pardeep Sahu,
  21. Mayank Dagar


  1. Rohit Sharma,
  2. Hardik Pandya,
  3. Jasprit Bumrah,
  4. Krunal Pandya,
  5. Ishan Kishan,
  6. Kieron Pollard,
  7. Pat Cummins,
  8. Evin Lewis,
  9. Suryakumar Yadav,
  10. Ben Cutting,
  11. Mustafizur Rahman,
  12. Rahul Chahar,
  13. Pradeep Sangwan,
  14. Jason Behrendorff,
  15. Jean-Paul Duminy,
  16. Saurabh Tiwary,
  17. Tajinder Dhillon,
  18. Akila Dhananjaya,
  19. Nidheesh M D Dinesan,
  20. Aditya Tare,
  21. Siddhesh Dinesh Lad,
  22. Mayank Markande,
  23. Sharad Lumba,
  24. Anukul Roy,
  25. Mohsin Khan


  1. Virat Kohli,
  2. AB de Villiers,
  3. Sarfaraz Khan,
  4. Chris Woakes,
  5. Yuzvendra Singh Chahal,
  6. Umesh Yadav,
  7. Brendon McCullum,
  8. Washington Sundar,
  9. Navdeep Saini,
  10. Quinton De Kock,
  11. Mohammed Siraj,
  12. Nathan Coulter-Nile,
  13. Colin De Grandhomme,
  14. M. Ashwin,
  15. Parthiv Patel,
  16. Moeen Ali,
  17. Mandeep Singh,
  18. Manan Vohra,
  19. Pawan Negi,
  20. Tim Southee,
  21. Kulwant Khejroliya,
  22. Aniket Choudhary,
  23. Pavan Deshpande,
  24. Anirudha Ashok Joshi


  1. Rishabh Pant,
  2. Shreyas Iyer,
  3. Chris Morris,
  4. Glenn Maxwell,
  5. Kagiso Rabada,
  6. Amit Mishra,
  7. Shahbaz Nadeem,
  8. Vijay Shankar,
  9. Rahul Tewatia,
  10. Mohammad Shami,
  11. Gautam Gambhir,
  12. Trent Boult,
  13. Colin Munro,
  14. Daniel Christian,
  15. Jason Roy,
  16. Naman Ojha,
  17. Prithvi Shaw,
  18. Gurkeerat Singh Mann,
  19. Avesh Khan,
  20. Abhishek Sharma,
  21. Jayant Yadav,
  22. Harshal Patel,
  23. Manjot Kalra,
  24. Sandeep Lamichhane,
  25. Sayan Ghosh


  1. Sunil Narine,
  2. Andre Russell,
  3. Chris Lynn,
  4. Mitchell Starc,
  5. Dinesh Karthik,
  6. Robin Uthappa,
  7. Kuldeep Singh Yadav,
  8. Piyush Chawla,
  9. Nitish Rana,
  10. Kamlesh Nagarkoti,
  11. Shivam Mavi,
  12. Mitchell Johnson,
  13. Shubman Gill,
  14. Ranganath Vinay Kumar,
  15. Rinku Singh,
  16. Cameron Delport,
  17. Javon Searless,
  18. Apoorv Vijay Wankhade,
  19. Ishank Jaggi


  1. Steve Smith,
  2. Benjamin Stokes,
  3. Jaydev Unadkat,
  4. Sanju Samson,
  5. Jofra Archer,
  6. Krishnappa Gowtham,
  7. Jos Buttler,
  8. Ajinkya Rahane,
  9. Darcy Short,
  10. Rahul Tripathi,
  11. Dhawal Kulkarni,
  12. Zahir Khan Pakteen,
  13. Ben Laughlin,
  14. Stuart Binny,
  15. Dushmantha Chameera,
  16. Anureet Singh,
  17. Aryaman Vikram Birla,
  18. Midhun S,
  19. Shreyas Gopal,
  20. Prashant Chopra,
  21. Jatin Saxena,
  22. Ankit Sharma,
  23. Mahipal Lomror


  1. David Warner,
  2. Bhuvneshwar Kumar,
  3. Manish Pandey,
  4. Rashid Khan Arman,
  5. Shikhar Dhawan,
  6. Wriddhiman Saha,
  7. Siddarth Kaul,
  8. Deepak Hooda,
  9. Syed Khaleel Ahmed,
  10. Sandeep Sharma,
  11. Kane Williamson,
  12. Carlos Brathwaite,
  13. Shakib Al Hasan,
  14. Yusuf Pathan,
  15. Shreevats Goswami,
  16. Mohammad Nabi,
  17. Chris Jordan,
  18. Basil Thampi,
  19. T Natarajan,
  20. Sachin Baby,
  21. Bipul Sharma,
  22. Syed Mehdi Hasan,
  23. Ricky Bhui,
  24. Tanmay Agarwal

What is President’s day? History, Timeline President’s Day 2018

President's Day 2018

President’s Day 2018 : Every Year on the third Monday of the February American Celebrate the President’s Day. On this day public holiday. This also the date of former Amercian president Washington’s Birthday.

Washington’s Birthday 2018

Now its called President’s Day. However, officially it is the holiday of Washington’s Birthday so, called “Washington’s Birthday. In actual, the birth date of Washington is 22 Feb.

In late 1800s Washington’s Birthday became the official federal holiday. It is proposed by the senator of Arkansas “Steven Wallace Dorsey.” It is signed into law by that time Presidents Rutherford. In the initials years of became of law, the holiday is applied to local district of Columbia only. However, in 1885 used to the whole country as United holiday for the Presidents of future and past. Before the President days only four, nationally recognized federal bank holiday are there named Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, the fourth of July and Thanksgiving. It is the first time that whole country celebrate the holiday on the name of an individual American. After the in 1983, a day in Jan recognized as the Federal holiday after the name of Martin Luther King Jr. So, Martin Luther King Jr. was the 2nd individual after the name of which federal holiday signed into law.

Washington’s Birthday to President’s Day

The change in the holiday name from Washington’s Birthday to the president’s Day was started in the 1960s. It was known as Uniform Monday Holiday Act. In this act it is mentioned that three day weekends holidays are fell in the 3rd week of Feb.

Combined with Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday

Above mentioned Uniform, Monday Holiday Act mentioned combining Abraham Lincoln’s birthday with that of Washington’s. Lincoln birthday is celebrated in some states as state holiday after this act it also becomes the National Holiday.

ARS NET 2018 – Registration, Syllabus, Mock Tests

ARS NET 2018 Syllabus, regisration and mock tests

What is ARS NET?

ARS NET is conducted by the Agricultural Scientists Recruitment Board (ASRB) every year online mode in above 30 centers all around India. National Eligibility Test (NET) is an examination for determining eligibility for the position of Lecturer/Assistant Professor. This year ASRB also conducting the ARS NET 2018 or ASRB NET 2018 Examination. www.asrb.org.in online application

For ARS NET online Mock paper please contact us at [email protected]

Every Candidate who is clearing the National Eligibility Test will be eligible to apply for the post of Lecturers or Assistant Professors in the SAUs/AUs. NET certificates will be issued by the Agricultural Scientists Recruitment Board to the qualified candidates to enable them to apply for vacancies to be notified or advertised by the State Agricultural Universities/Agricultural Universities. SAUs/AUs will satisfy themselves about the fulfillment of prescribed eligibility condition/criterion for essential posts of Lecturers/Assistant Professors including authenticity of the NET Certificate in possession of the candidates.

Eligibility For ARS NET

Candidate must complete his Master of Science Degree in Agriculture, Agroforestry, Plant Breeding, Soil Science, Horticulture, Entomology, Plant Pathology, Floriculture, Pomology, Agronomy, Agrometeorology, Fishery, Food Technology, Microbiology, Plant Biotechnology, Nematology, Biochemistry, Veterinary Science, Agriculture Extension Education, Agriculture Statics, Home Science, Farm Machinery & Power, and another discipline.

Passing Marks

The passing marks for the candidate are according to their categories. It is 50% passing marks for the General Categories and 45% for the Backward class categories.

ARS Eligibility

On the merit of Preliminary examination, Some candidate selected for the Main examination of the ARS and then to Final interview.

Syllabus for the Preliminary Examination

There are total 57 Disciplines in ARS Net 2018 and Detailed syllabus for each discipline is given in the official site of ASRB.

www.asrb.org.in online application

Mock Test For the ARS NET 2018

Mock tests are the best way to practice and score higher in any examination. They help us to understand the structure of the exam and also helps in lowering the stress level in the examination.





Introduction to MAT

MAT (Management Aptitude Test) is a national level competitive exam that is approved by the Ministry of Human Resource Development. MAT (Management Aptitude Test) is for those students who want to pursue study various specializations in business management. All India Management Association conducts this entrance exam four times every year in February, May, September, and December. MAT (Management Aptitude Test) score is accepted by many colleges across India.

Structure of exam

  1. Mode of exam: Mode of MAT (Management Aptitude Test) entrance exam is both, computer-based and paper-based.
  2. Duration: Duration of MAT (Management Aptitude Test) entrance exam is 150 minutes that is 2:30 hours.
  3. Medium: Medium of MAT (Management Aptitude Test) entrance exam is English.
  4. Questions: The question paper of MAT (Management Aptitude Test) will be objective type, and there will be 200 questions which will be divided into five sections, and each section consists of 40 questions.




1. Language comprehension


2. Intelligence and Critical Reasoning


3. Mathematical skills


4. Indian and Global environment


5. Data Analysis



  1. Marking Scheme: For every correct answer student will get one mark, and for every incorrect answer 0.25 marks will be reduced.
  2. Validity: Validity of MAT (Management Aptitude Test) scorecard is one year.


Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility criteria for appearing in MAT exam 2018 are:

  • The applicant should have completed graduation in any discipline.
  • Students who are studying in final year can also apply.
  • There is no age limit for applying in MAT (Management Aptitude Test).



Major topics

1. Language comprehension

Questions related to English grammar, English proficiency, fill-ups, rearrange.

2. Intelligence and Critical Reasoning

Questions related to Analogy Statement, conclusion passage.

3. Mathematical skills

Questions related to Arithmetic, Number System, Mixtures and Allegation, Ratio and Proportion, Unitary Method, Time and Distance, Profit and Loss, Interest, Geometry, Triangles, Circles, Mensuration, Trigonometry Heights and Distance; Linear Programming.

4. Indian and Global environment

Questions related to Current affairs, economics, and finance of world.

5. Data Analysis

Questions related to bar graphs, pie charts, and figures.


Important Dates for 2018 MAT

  • Registration for MAT (Management Aptitude Test) begins: 3rd week of December 2017
  • Last date of online registration: 26 January 2018
  • Admit card: 3rd week of January 2018
  • Test Date: 4th February 2018
  • Result: Last week of February 2018

How to apply

Application forms for MAT (Management Aptitude Test) 2018 session are available in both online and offline mode as well.

  • Applicants should register their name by visiting on the official website of AIMA. For registration, candidates have to fill their name, birth date, mobile number, and email id.
  • After registration applicants have to fill other details and should their upload photograph and signature after that they can submit the form by making payment.
  • Payment Mode: Applicants can pay (1271 rupees + other charges) fees through both online or offline mode.

Online mode:

Applicant has to pay 1271 rupees plus GST. The payment of fees can be made through the following ways:

  1. Credit Card payment
  2. Debit Card payment
  3. Net Banking payment

 Offline mode

Applicants those who want to pay fees offline can send a demand draft with the print out of their application form to the address provided below.

Manager–MAT (Management Aptitude Test),
All India Management Association,
Management House, 14, Institutional Road,
Lodhi Road, New Delhi – 110003

  • Test centers for 2018 session are not released yet but applicants can view the list of 2017 session test centers for MAT (Management Aptitude Test).


Admission Process

  1. Applicants who will clear the entrance exam will be called rank wise for interview by many colleges.
  2. The selection process of each college is different some colleges take a written test and some colleges prefer group discussion.
  3. Students will be selected for admission on the basis of both entrance test and interview.


List of colleges accepting MAT score

MAT is one of the prestigious management entrance exams in India. Here is the list of some popular colleges in India that accepts MAT (Management Aptitude Test) score.

  1. Asia-Pacific Institute of Management, Delhi
  2. Department of Management Studies, IIT Madras Chennai
  3. Birla Institute of Management Technology, Greater Noida
  4. National Institute of Technology, Warangal
  5. AIMS Institutes, Bangalore
  6. Sydenham Institute of Management Studies, Research and Entrepreneurship Education, Churchgate, Mumbai
  7. Amity Business School, Noida
  8. Balaji Institute of Modern Management, Pune
  9. Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship, Bangalore
  10. PSG Institute of Management, Coimbatore
Contact us

If applicants have any query related to admission process they can fax their query to 011- 24626689 or can call on 011 – 43128100, 011 – 24645100, 011 – 24617354.

What is kodi TV?


Kodi User Interface

Kodi is the open source platform software. It is a media player. XBMC Foundation a nonprofit organization develop the Kodi, media player. It is specially developed for television with the 10-foot user interface. The 10-foot user interface is designed for the tv. This user interface use text and another element for tv as compared to smartphone and pc that is compatible to view an interface from a distance of 10 meters or more.

Kodi TV is capable of

Kodi tv helps to stream live video or movies directly from amazon prime, youtube, and other video or audio services. With this media player can also work as other media players like Vlc to play files from the local drive or in the networking.

Many third-party developers develop the addon for Kodi. These addon helps to improve the functionality of the player like to stream live stream of sports matches and movies. Much customizable skin is also available from the different developer like old times on windows 98.

Initially, this application was created only for first-generation Xbox game console. It was named Xbox Media Center as XBMC. Due to open source availability of software many other androids, windows, and other operating system application developed.

Copyright Issues

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Different Types of Trees and their names

Types of Trees

The earth has vast biodiversity. Even at this age of development of science, we do not know about all the types of trees. However, here we describe little about the types of trees according to leaves and seeds.

Types of Trees according to leaves

The species of trees classified by trees shed their leaves or not. There are mainly two types of trees by leaves.

  1. Deciduous Trees
  2. Evergreen Tree

Deciduous Trees

The leaves of deciduous trees change their color and turn yellow, in the winter season. The trees shed their leaves in the autumn season. eg. Populus tremulaBetula pendula

Evergreen Trees

The leaves of evergreen types of trees remain green. Many of us thought that evergreen Trees never shed their leaves, ‘ but it is not true. Even evergreen trees drop their leaves. However, their remain green all over the season. eg. Pinus roxburghii, Pinus wallanchia, Cornus capitata

According to shape of Leaves

  1. Broadleaf trees
  2. Coniferous Trees

Broadleafs are mainly deciduous, but it is not always the case. As the name suggests, having round broad shaped leaves. They are primarily grown in the tropical regions of the world.

Coniferous are having the needles or cone-shaped leaves. The coniferous are mostly evergreen. They are primarily found in the temperate regions of the world. They are also called softwood.

The types of Tree by Seed

Types of trees differentiated by seed. There are two types of trees on seed basis. Angiosperms and gymnosperms.


These types of plants contain the flowers. Their seeds are covered with the cover or enclosed within the fruits. They are mostly broadleaf plants. The angiosperm is largest of the plants on the earth. Approximately 2,70,000 angiosperm plants known to us. Many are undiscovered. They are having many forms such as grasses, shrubs, and trees.


They lack flowers. Their seeds are also naked. Seeds of gymnosperms not enclosed within the fruits. They bear their seed on the cone-like structures. They are mainly softwood. THe gymnosperms are pine or coniferous trees. They occur in a temperate region or on the high altitude.

Below is given the table of some important tree name with their genus


How does planting trees reduce carbon dioxide


Carbon dioxide is a primarily responsible factor for global warming. So, the scientist also mainly focused on how to reduce the concentration of Carbon dioxide. The solution, which is easily adapted is planting trees.

Does planting trees reduce carbon dioxide

The answer to this question is yes. Planting trees helps in reducing the concentration of carbon dioxide in the environment.

How planting trees reduce carbon dioxide.

To fully understand this, we have to learn about the photosynthesis process. In the photosynthesis, the plant takes the carbon dioxide from the environment and make their mass from carbon dioxide.

The process of capturing the carbon from the atmosphere and store it in the form of food is also called carbon sequestration. Carbon sequestration is helping in lowering the carbon concentration.

How much does a tree reduce co2

The quantity of carbon reduces by a tree not static. It depends on many factors like species, favorable condition, and ecological region of the world.

Some tree stores carbon more quickly than others. Some favorable condition also makes for absorbing carbon dioxide to at high pace.

Trees will also give other benefits along with lowering excess carbon dioxide concentration in the environment. They provide excellent habitat for living beings by releasing oxygen into the atmosphere. The trees offer many economically resource to us. They give us wood to make a home, for fire, and food for all the living beings.

There are endless benefits of planting tree. We have to plant a maximum number of the tree not due to environment organizations ask us to do this; we have our interest in it.


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