How far apart to plant tomatoes ?

Tomatoes plants are transplanted at the plant to plant distance of 45x75cm in indetermined and 45-60×30-40cm in the determined crop.

Tomato is a transplanted crop. Seeds are grown in a raised bed. 25-30 days old seedlings are transplanted. At this age, they got the 10-15cm of height. The tomatoes are transplanted in the evening, on a sunny day. Whole day transplanting is done in a cloudy day. In some of the areas, the tomato is directly sown. Direct sowing has reduced the infestation of root-knot the nematode, bacterial wilt and damping off. The seedlings are transplanted at the side of ridge later earthing up is done to keep the plant in the middle of the ridge.For indeterminate varieties and hybrids, row to row spacing of 60 to 120 cm and plant to plant distance from 45 to 75 cm is adopted. In case of determinate types spacing is 45 to 60 cm x 30 to 40 cm is adopted.

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