Chrome will soon do Google Lens image searches in-page

Within the Chrome web browser on desktop computers, the powerful image recognition software known as Google Lens, owned and operated by the search giant, is becoming slightly easier to use. At the moment, if you want to use Lens on an image that is displayed on a website, the browser will open a new tab with a page of results. In the not too distant future, however, the results will instead be displayed in a panel that is placed to the right of the webpage. Chrome will only open a new tab in your browser when you specifically ask it to look for an image’s source.

The image recognition software developed by the industry leader in search engines has been accessible on mobile devices for some time now. It can be accessed through Google’s apps for iOS or the camera app that comes preinstalled on some Android phones. However, Google Lens became available on desktop computers in 2018 through the Chrome web browser. To use it, right-click an image and select the “Search Image with Google Lens” option from the context menu.
Google Lens is intended to be able to recognise a wide range of things, including buildings, animals, clothes, plants, and works of art, among other things. It provides a method that is more visually appealing for locating the information that you are looking for on the internet. Although it has a lot of potential, the feature frequently gives the impression that it is just a fun novelty that Google is attempting to develop into a useful tool. It is Google’s hope that by making the service more accessible on desktop, it will be possible for its potential to become apparent.

Users of Google Chrome are now able to access the updated Lens panel. On this page of the support site, you will find detailed instructions on how to access the feature.

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