Free Online Plagiarism Checker With Percentage

Free Online Plagiarism Checker With Percentage

There are many free online plagiarism checkers with the percentage available. But most of us not aware of which one plagiarism checker is best and why. I run some test to check the best plagiarism detector or checker tool.

Turnitin is the best plagiarism checker ever

We know Turnitin is best plagiarism checker and is the most used plagiarism checker in the universities and colleges. Most of us are looking for the Turnitin free trial. Forget about free trial we can’t even buy turnitin paid version. Because turnitin is available for the institutions only not for the individual. Then, the new questions arise, which are the free online plagiarism checker for students and teachers.

Top 10 Best Free Online Plagiarism Checker or Detectors

  1. Quetext
  2. Plagscan
  3. Small Seo Tools
  4. Edubirdie
  5. Copyleaks
  6. Paper Rater
  7. Duplichecker
  8. Grammarly
  9. Plagium
  10. Plagiarisma

Plagiarism Checker Review

In the review process, First I checked a 1000 word text with Turnitin then it with other software. In the report generated by Turnitin that stats are 14% plagiarism from 12 sources. Then I compared it with other Plagiarism checkers. In this way, you can easily find our which one is the best plagiarism checker

Quetext Plagiarism Checker Review

Everone will have Question: Is Quetext accurate? That’s why I review the Quetext Plagiarism Checker. Yes! quetext shows the plagiarism in the percentage.

In the quetext, we can directly check the plagiarism without any Sign-up and other registration processes. Their user interface is also easy to use. Here is my result with the Quetext

Results: 9% Plagiarism, from different two sources

Plagscan Plagiarism checker Review

Plagscan is my second best free online plagiarism checker tool or detector software. I followed the same process as in the quetext.

To check the plagiarism with Plagscan, we have to provide email id. After registration, they offer an only limited number of credits to test the plagiarism. The results from the plagscan plagiarism checker are given below

Results: 5% from different four sources.

Small Seo Tools Plagiarism checker Review

Small SEO tools are mainly for the webpage seo. They are using Grammarly Ghost named script to check the grammar as well plagiarism in the text. They are the completely free tool to use. But the report generated by them are good enough. But its free.

Results: 2% from 1 sources

Edubirdie Plagiarism Checker Review

Edubirdie in actual writing service provider. They are providing fee plagiarism checker service as well. Sometimes I believed that they showed a little bit more plagiarism so that they get more customer for their service. Plagiarism sources are also occasionally irrelevant. Like in this report they showed plagiarism for the words “the, is, am, are, etc.”.

Results: 4.5% from one source

Copyleaks Plagiarism checker Review

I had quite expectations for this software because of their brand name. But when I get the result for my report, I shocked with 0% plagiarism. But maybe it varies from text to text.

If you like this comparison of different plagiarism, then you may be also like my post “what is best plagiarism checking tool?”. In that post, I write about the best plagiarism checker tools paid or free.


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