Grammarly Review : is it worth to Buy Grammarly Premium?

Is Grammarly premium worth it

I am using Grammarly premium from last one and half Years. I am going to share my experience with you about the Grammarly premium. In this blog post, I will review every feature of Grammarly and compare with other service providers for better understanding.

Grammarly Review: Is Grammarly Premium Worth of It?

Frankly speaking, we can’t simply say that it is worth it or not. It depends on the end user needs. For, people like a researcher, students, Seo Content Writers, and other related writing professions they should have Grammarly premium. Lets talks about grammarly review 2018


Recently I completed my Master’s in Science with Thesis. In our University, we have to publish a paper in high rated research Journal to get Degree certification. I have only one month to complete to write my whole thesis of 200 pages and a research paper without any grammatical mistakes. How we can forget about the Plagiarism free?. For final submission of the thesis, we have to limit our plagiarism within several limits.

Ohh!! Lots of task within One month time. Here is the twist, then I search online for the grammar checking tools, then I find out lots of them like Grammarly, white smoke, ProwritingAid, GingerSoft. You are also aware of these all if you come to this post. I checked all of them one by one after the 2-3 hours of search; I result that Grammarly is best. On that time tried only Grammarly Free version, then checked other features of Grammarly Premium version. At that time, I don’t have much money to buy one or risk one. Thank’s to my friend he came to rescue me at that time.

He gave me his Grammarly Premium Credentials. I know at that time, I can write at a speed of 4x or 5x without thinking about grammatical issues. We can also check our Similarity report while writing. I don’t have to need rewrite entire thesis chapter to decrease the limit of my plagiarism. The thing why I love Grammarly as a student is that we don’t have to rewrite the whole article to correct a mistake, to write with decrease the similarity report percentage.

Why Grammarly premium worth for Students?

  • Instantly remove Grammatical Mistake while writing, so no need to rewrite entire manuscript.
  • Check the unlimited times Similarity Report or Plagiarism Report while Writing.
  • It will increase the speed of writing and build confidence.

For Content Write For Websites

Google loves unique content, as a content writer you are aware of this.

While we are writing any blog post, product description, we have many things in our mind at the same time. Whatever I am writing is it unique, Grammarly correct. Then, we write and then delete, again and again. This is because we don’t have confidence that whatever we write is it right or not.

Grammarly Build Confidence

Yes, before Grammarly I barely write any blog post. At that time I copy from other people’s posts use the spinner tools and other stuff you may be aware of these all. Grammarly gives me confidence about grammar mistakes; now I can write freely whatever comes to my mind I convert these thoughts into blog posts.

Grammarly Helps in SEO

A big Yes, Grammarly helps in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Its simple, Google loves unique content, with Grammarly we can write unique plagiarism free. So don’t need to talk about this topic anymore.

Is there any Good Alternative to Grammarly

According to me, Grammarly is best if it comes to grammar mistake only. But if you want for Plagiarism, then other options are also available like Turnitin, ProwritingAid and Write Check. But with these, you can only check a limited number of articles, and Turnitin is not available for the individuals. ProwritingAid is very Close to Grammarly, but Grammarly has better user interface than the ProwritingAid. I also tried the ProwritingAid Pro version, but I have many issues with their Google Chrome extension.

Can Grammarly Replace the Human Proofreader

At the current stage of Grammarly can’t Replace the human proofreader that’s why they are providing extra human proofreader features in their subscription. Maybe in future at the current pace of AI development, Grammarly can Replace the Human Proofreader.

Grammarly Premium Plan

Grammarly Comes in simple premium plan. But Its depend upon us we want to buy grammarly for month, for 6 month or full year. Its obious we can save more in their Yearly Plan.

In the end, if you have in the same situation as in I was then Grammarly premium is worth to buy. If you have only one or two task to do, then you can buy Grammarly premium monthly subscription or burrow Grammarly premium profile credentials from some friends. But I strongly recommend Grammarly especially to people in SEO, SMM, Content Writing and higher Studies Students. If anyone has their own review about the Grammarly Please share with us in the Comment Section

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grammarly-review-is-it-worth-to-buy-grammarly-premiumIs Grammarly premium worth it I am using Grammarly premium from last one and half Years. I am going to share my experience with you about the Grammarly premium. In this blog post, I will review every feature of Grammarly and compare with other service...

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