Microsoft confirms ‘Keystone’ game streaming dongle

According to Windows Central’s latest report, the xCloud streaming device that has been in development at Microsoft for a very long time is undergoing some changes. In June 2021, the company made its initial announcement regarding the dedicated streaming dongle. However, in a statement that was provided to Windows Central, the company stated that it has pivoted from the “current iteration” of the device, which the company claims is known by the codename Keystone.
It is unknown what these potential changes could be, and Microsoft did not provide an immediate response when asked for a comment on the matter. On the other hand, a dedicated Xbox streaming device holds a great deal of potential. Even though the Xbox Series X has been more widely distributed than the PS5, it is still not the simplest console to obtain, and it can cost several hundred dollars. A streaming stick that is (presumably) less expensive could make it easier for many people to try out the games that Microsoft provides through the cloud. These games now include Epic Games’ Fortnite, which was released earlier this month.

And Microsoft isn’t just developing a streaming device; the company is also working on an Xbox app that can be used on televisions. An Xbox game streaming app for Samsung smart TVs “should debut within the next 12 months,” according to a report published by VentureBeat on May 6th. Although the company has missed the original deadline, Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer told The Verge in November 2020, “I think you’re going to see that in the next 12 months.” According to VentureBeat, the streaming device will also be available at some point in the upcoming 12 months.

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