Nord VPN Review 2018, Mac, Windows, Android and iPhone

VPN is nowadays too much popular, especially in Asian countries. We usually use VPN to see content which is restricted in our Country.

VPN is more than only watch restricted content in a region.

VPN means virtual private network. It is a shared network available. Its like we are sharing the same wifi or our home network. It means we can remotely access the private network.

What is Nord VPN?

Nord VPN provides us the secure remotely accessible we Server. When we fully connected to that remote server. That server will become the launch pad of our any type of works.

For e.g., we connected to a US VPN server. We can access any website, analytics script of that website can access the data sent by that server (Location, IP, and other). That means that the website think that we are from that location and can never trace back our location or other.

Our ISP never will never trace what we surf online or other behaviors.

NordVPN review

Nord VPN is one of the most used VPN in the world. The main reason behind this, their large number of the server.

Number of Servers: 4687

Number of Countries in which server is Placed: 62

We can’t get these number with any other rival or alternative VPN provider. The number 4687 is huge.

Sometimes we want to use the website with over home country location but securely.

With the number of servers provides by any VPN, Nord has a clear win in this fight.

VPN encryption protocol Used by Nord VPN

NordVPN provides the military grade encryption for our secure internet session.

The NordVPN using the OpenVPN and IKEv2/IPSec protocols to protect our sensitive data and identity. OpenVPN is the most commonly used protocol all over the world. By IKEv2/IPSec is more secured as compared to OpenVPN. But with IKEv2/IPSec we will get a little bit lower speed as compared to OpenVPN.

Double Protection: NordVPN provides the double protection by encrypted our traffic two times.

NordVPN Speed

Every VPN affect the internet speed. The speed also depends upon the servers. With NordVPN internet speed is effected, but due to their larger server option, we can easily select other networks to get the higher internet speed.

This app not only provides the different location for us to surf the internet but at the same time block the suspicious websites and prevent malware to infect our device.

It can also prevent anyone to use our device for a DDOS attack on any website.

CyberSec Feature of VPN prevents the intrusive online ads to show up and slow down our surfing experience.

According to The Nord VPN they will not store, record, monitored our history and providing it to other third parties.

NordVPN for Netflix

The online streaming service providers like Netflix and any other mostly blocks the IP of most of the VPN. That means we can’t access these streaming sites by using this VPN.

But NordVPN works fine with the Netflix. We can watch the movies, tv series or any other videos from different server location securely.

Some of the NordVPN server IPise also blocked by the Netflix, we experienced through using these with Netflix.

Nord VPN Pricing

Nord VPN priced only $2.5 per month for the yearly subscription. If at that cost it provides with us a secure internet line, then you should buy this VPN without thinking any further.


It is compatible with MacBook, Windows, Android, iPhone as well as Google chrome and Firefox Extension.

It works find with any of the given devices. I will recommend you to use the app instead of a browser extension, because browser extension sometimes slow down the internet connection.

User Interface

It is too easy to use, we can either search the country or server location. There is a very easy to use interface to select any country through the map.

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