Prowritingaid Review: Prowritingaid vs Grammarly

Prowritingaid Review

Prowritingaid is the complete tool for writing content. It’s a grammar checking, style editor, writing mentor and plagiarism checking tool.

ProwritingAid includes everything a writer needs to make his written content perfect.

Why we need a tool like ProwritingAid?

It doesn’t matter how much we are perfect in English; we do make mistakes. Not everyone has that much time to check all the written content for minor spelling and grammatical errors. We do not afford the rewrite entire text when its plagiarised.

Tools like gram marly and prowritingAid help to speed up our writing job. We can’t say that this tools will replace any human proofreading, but it makes their job easy though.

Grammarly Alternative

ProwritingAid is the perfect alternative to the Grammarly Software. It provides almost all the features that gram marly does. The user interface is different from that of the gram marly.

How is it different from the Grammarly?

Pricing: Grammarly is cost more in their yearly plan. We can get the same feature with lower costs.

User Interface: Its user interface is different from the gram marly. In gram marly, we get the pop-up windows in which we can check all the mistakes, suggestions, and plagiarism reports. In Prowritingaid, it doesn’t show a pop-up with a single click, instead of that, it provides an additional option to check particular types of mistakes. We don’t have to go further any other windows. If you are already using gram marly, then you should stay with gram marly, because you will confuse with prowritingaid’s interface.

Features: ProwritingAid provides almost all the functions that gram marly does. Additionally, it gives the readability scores, and scores out of hundred in grammar, spelling, terminology, and Style of writing.

Grammar Checker

Its grammar checker works as same as gram marly. That means it works fine. Almost all the other grammar checker tools, like white smoke, Gingersoft works same, but there is only one difference is that of the interface.

Plagiarism Checking

According to the prowritingaid, their tools are the best alternative to the popular plagiarism checker software Turnitin. However, according to my perspective gram marly is better than Prowritingaid. For checking the plagiarism, we have to buy extra credit. In Grammarly, we will get an extensive plagiarism check with the same premium plan. We will get a higher percentage of plagiarism when we check the text through gram marly, and lesser through prowritingaid (Not the same always).

Is Prowritingaid Worth It?

It depends upon your importance of works and also your field of work. For a blogger, students, prowritingaid is worth to buy. However, ProwritingAid needs little bit development in their Chrome extension, sometimes it produces errors and not working so well as Grammarly. It’s cost almost half of the gram marly. There are too many plans available according to the different features. The worth-ship is also depended upon your end use and plan you select.

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