Why Bloggers & Writers Prefer to Use Grammarly?

This article will be ” Why should we use Grammarly with the Best 3 Reasons?”. It’s not a new thing about Grammarly. However, I’m going to tell you that it’s the most popular tool for authors and bloggers. As of now, they are home to more than four million people. Today, the article aims to inform those who haven’t heard of Grammarly yet. In addition, it must address the question “Why should we use Grammarly with the best 3 reasons?”.

The skepticism towards grammar was clearly displayed during a teacher-parent interview with my daughter’s teacher in Grade 4 after I suggested using a preposition at final sentence is unacceptable. The response of the teacher was that we do not conform to the guidelines of “old English.”

This means that instead of the usual “For what do you use that hammer? “, it’s now acceptable to put in “What do you use that hammer for?” When texting, you’d likely write something along the likes of “slam hamm what for?”

In light of that, grammar the way I learned it back then, is a foreign concept to the majority of people today.

For instance, walking up to someone in the bar to discuss a hanging participle is more likely be viewed as a threatening option that will result in being slapped in the face and immediate removal from the bar.

There is possibility to improve writing in the English Writing and language generally; Grammarly.

Here are the reasons I enjoy Grammarly;

1. One reason is you could show the old dogs new tricks.

In my august Grammarly report, over the past four weeks I composed 557,675 sentences that contained an average of 930 grammatical mistakes. These numbers translate to approximately one error in grammar for every 600 words that I wrote.

The latest results are an incredible improvement from the time I first began making use of Grammarly back in the month of February. In the beginning, I made an error in grammatical usage for every word of. My mistakes included inconsistencies with the commas, passive voice sentences, and many other errors.

The latest statistics pose the question, have I become more intelligent? It’s not my opinion or at least in the eyes of my children. In reality, the more you make use of Grammarly the more you’ll learn (or learn to re-learn in my instance) about using proper grammar.

This means that, while I may not be as smart as a Fifth Grader in other areas however when it comes down to grammar, I am a pro!

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2. In using Grammarly I’m helping protect its integrity in the English language.

In a small way I’m contributing positively to the overall health of our society through “preserving” the integrity of the English language.

By using Grammarly and Grammarly, we could stop the world from falling to “ICYMI I have a FOMO on din-din because of my doink boyfriend LMAO.” All I have to do is to add”for” to the “for” at the end of this sentence and my daughter’s teacher will be delighted.

3. I no longer require an editor

Like any writer would freely admit, the biggest obstacle to their existence is the editor.

There are many reasons behind our disdain for writing, more than we can list here. Furthermore, editors may claim that writers are sensitive artists who find it difficult to accept that every word spelled out on our keyboards isn’t a masterstroke waiting to be discovered by a discerning person. The truth is that our work is an element of what we’re. Thus, having a third-party writer wannabe randomly mark an entire sentence using the red marker is equivalent to a slap.

As an aside, the humorous joke “What do you call 1,000 lawyers, chained together at the bottom of the ocean?” was initially about editors.

With Grammarly, I can now edit my work because the information I’ll be communicating to everyone else will be displayed in a way that makes English the language proud.t

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