YouTube Music now recommends speakers

You can now ask YouTube Music to make suggestions regarding which of your Cast-enabled speakers it thinks you’d like to stream music to. In the previous method, the app would merely list all of the Cast-enabled devices on your network in alphabetical order. This new method, on the other hand, is a significant improvement over the previous method. Even if there is only one speaker that you use on a regular basis, you may have to search through a list of up to six different speakers if you are anything like us.

Now, ChromeUnboxed has discovered that attempting to Cast from the YouTube Music app will bring up a new menu, which will highlight a “Suggested” device above the standard alphabetical list of devices. This was discovered by ChromeUnboxed. In an email to The Verge, Paul Pennington, a spokesperson for Google, confirmed the new feature and explained that suggestions are determined by the user’s activity, their device’s history, and the type of device being used.

All users of the app, regardless of whether they use iOS or Android, should now be able to access the feature, which is unique to YouTube Music. Be aware, however, that in order to cast music from the app to an external device, you will need to be a subscriber to YouTube Music, unless the music in question is something that you have personally uploaded.

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