Best Antivirus 2018 For Mac, Mobile, Windows 8 and 10

Best Antivirus 2018

Everything is digitized in the 20th century. In, today’s word we save our documents, personal information (Photos, Credit or Bank details) in different Gadget.

We are starting paying fee, or bills online too. Unlike old times, we complete most of our monthly shopping online.

So, we are too much dependent on these devices.

But we need that kind of protection to protect our bank details, credit card details, and other personal information.

Wanna cry virus was too much in news in Jan 2018.

But the question is how we can prevent our data from these kinds of virus attacks. There are some companies who provide services to prevent our information or data from these types of breaches.

These software called Antivirus.

Our data safety is too much important. So, we can’t rely on some low-security antivirus software. So, we combine the list of Antivirus which can prevent our system from any type of the attacks.

It’s not only about data safety or other. If you are streaming online video other than youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion; the other streaming sites using your GPU, CPU power for mining. Most of the antivirus do not detect these mining scripts. That may cause damage to our CPU and more power consumption.

Best Antivirus for Mac Book

Before going further, the first we need to know, “Does Mackbook need an Antivirus?

Most of the times we heard that “Mac doesn’t need an antivirus”. This quote is true in some case but not always.

Mac operation system is Unix-based based operating system. It means it has a different security or firewall door, even someone breaches one door me can’t access the full machine. Yes, it is more secure than the Windows operating system.

Windows is the most used operating system that’s why attacker is mainly focused to develop new malware or ideas to crack the security of windows than the MacOS.

But, now it’s 2018, the Mac user is increasing more than ever. That may be the reason the development in the attack on MacOS is also increased nowadays.

Maybe in future MacBook not secured as today. That’s why we need an antivirus to protect from that breach.

Here is our List of Best Antivirus for the MacBook in 2018.

This list is generated by the research of Macworld, which antivirus works best with the MacBook.

Intego Mac Internet Security X9 for Mac

Intego Mac Internet Security Comes with the 49.99$ per year Subscription cost. It works smoothly with the MacBook, and quite fast as compared to another antivirus.

Intego Mac Internet Security gives us two apps; VirusBarrier and NetBarrier X9.

Virus Barrier: Prevent our Mac pc from any malware file inside the system.

NetBarrier X9: Detect any incoming threat or any unauthorized aches of our Mac.

This Antivirus is specially developed for the Mac operating system and one of the best antivirus for Mac.


Kaspersky is one of the best antiviruses not only for Mac but for Windows Devices at the same time.

If you are frequently using your credit card or any other mode of payment online for shopping, paying the bill or for any other purposes. Then, this one is the must-have software or antivirus for you.

They have option Safe Money feature, that a killing feature which may be some other security software lack.

For finding malware in the system, it is a little bit slow as compared to Intego Mac Internet Security X9.

Avira Antivirus for MAC

Avira Antivirus is one of the well-known company for their malware security.

If you are plug in or out multiple storage devices (Mostly common in college). This software will give you an additional feature to check the malware in any plugin USB storage device like Pen Drive. You will not need to pay extra for this feature.

This software also takes some time, when full system scan is ON.

The user interface to use this antivirus is great. Anyone, even a first time user can easily find out what they desire.

ESET Cyber Security for MAC

ESET cost around 40 bucks for their one-year subscription for Macbook security.

This also checks the whole system at amazing speed.

Their cool feature is checked email for malware or other. If you want to check your mail too for malware then, ESET is best for checking email malware as compared to other competitors.

AVAST Antivirus for Mac Book

Avast can also detect all types of malware in your MacBook. The best part is, we can get avast Antivirus free for 3 months.

This antivirus can also prevent any breach through the shared network. It can help us to stop ransom cold virus, which can hide our personal photos or other files to encrypted by any third person.

Its pro version can also prevent anyone to connect your wifi as well.

Best Antivirus for Mobile

Most of us have in our mind that why we need Antivirus for mobile. We know smartphone priced from 100$ to 2000$+. It’s an easy target for thieves these days.

We know we have some private photos, and other data on our phone too. That’s why we need antivirus, which not only prevents us from malware but at the same time has the anti-theft feature.

Bitdefender Antivirus

Its a best antitheft and lightweight antivirus.

The problem with most of the antivirus is that they consume our CPU power. That will slow down our device sometimes. This is not the case with Bitdefender. Bitdefender is a lightweight Antivirus. It consumes very little CPU power as compared to another antivirus.

It is also one of the best antitheft protection. It has an option that it can click the photo of any other third person will use your mobile and sent it to bit defender center server. We can erase data from the remote access. It also has other feature that it will alarm our remote attached device, whenever we are more distanced from our mobile.

Avast Mobile Security

It is the second best mobile antivirus according to our list.

Malware scanning feature of this software is good. Avast mobile security also has other features like Call Blocking, Anti-Theft protection.

In the anti-theft protection, we can remotely delete any data in our device. The bit defender’s anti-theft protection is of the high notch as compared to Avast.

McAfee Security and Power Booster

It’s the best feature is anti-theft like Bitdefender, we can also trace our phone when we lost it. We can make phone scream to find the device, remotely.

This device also has a feature of taking pictures of the thief or any other person tampering with your mobile.

There is another antivirus available but we recommend to use from any one of the three according to your choice.

Best Antivirus for Windows

Windows is the most used operating system for PC and Laptop. That makes it the first choice for the hackers, and other groups. The development of antivirus for windows always at the peak.

Above 90% of the offices in the world using Windows operating system. Even though ATM or runs on windows operating system.

Below we listed the some of the best Antivirus for Windows Operating system and it’s a long list.

Bit defender Antivirus for Windows

Bit defender is instantly fast and provides a secure network.

Bit defender cost you around $50 for one year with 3 device installation. Bit defender can scan almost all types of malware.

Kaspersky Antivirus for Windows

Kaspersky is a top cybersecurity company developing products for Business as well as for Home users.

It adds additional features in antivirus for the home user, like parentage control, safe banking for online transaction. It will prevent any incoming malware links.

Windows defender

If you think any installed third-party antivirus or any other security software will feed on your CPU power then, window defender is the best option. It is too lightweight to run on any configuration system.

But windows defender are not performed well in some security tests.

Avast Antivirus for Windows Operating System

Avast again one of the best option to protect your windows pc or laptop from malware or any other kind of threat.

Avast will also provide free vpn of 200 MB to hide your identity. It is fast, reliable and secured antivirus to use.

It comes with free as well as paid version, we will recommend you to use the paid version, if you can.

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